Monday, August 20, 2012

Letter A Week

Suddenly on Monday, I realized that school was starting next week, which meant if I was going to do two weeks of each letter with Natalie before she started Preschool we needed to start NOW.  All day I worked off and on finding and printing out sheets and puzzles about the letter A as well as looking for related crafts.  After accomplishing a lot (even after I dropped the hole punch on my  pinky toe and had to start hobbling around), I realized I needed more time.  I had to be more organized to start.  I had her binder partially ready, but I wanted to gather materials for crafts more fully and look for library books.   So, I'm going to continue using this week to get her stuff ready and officially start next week.  That also happens to be the week I start my class, so maybe holding off for this week will let me get ahead for our next couple letters, too.  But, I think I'll need a new ink cartridge before I can do that!

Lowercase a apple
Uppercase A angel
Ant from toilet paper rolls
Thumbprint ants climbing an uppercase A anthill
Airplane (toilet paper rolls or clothes pin)
Apple tree from toilet paper roll with pom pom apples
Stamping with apples
Hand print apple trees

Letter A Books:
Alligator Alphabet
But I am Really an Alligator (Charlie and Lola) - Lauren Child
Little Ant
Little Apple Goat
Snip Snap, What is That?
Aligators All Around
Apple Pie Tree
Ten Apples Up On Top
Amelia Bedelia series
Big Friend, Little Friend (Frog Princess)
Apples Here

Make window wheel for: apple, airplane, ant, alligator, astronaut, Abby Cadabby, acorn, ambulance, Amarillo, angel, Auntie, Alicia.  Make the pieces and have her glue them on and insert the brass piece. 

Stickers - alligators and apples - put them on the A's on the page protector and reuse later.  Need to get these.

Items still need: Dot markers and alphabet stamps.  Safety scissors. 

tracing (getting ready, full letter, lines)
coloring sheets (character with letter, words starting with the letter)
magnets, pom poms, stickers (fine motor)
upper and lowercase sorting
bin with items with the letter in it (blocks, fridge magnet, foam letter, puzzle pieces)
construct (play dough, paper)
letter stickers
cookie cutters and playdoh

I decided to use theme based packets for other skills like shapes, colors, and sequencing.  It makes more sense to me to focus on things she likes (like Cars, ballet, and cats) for these activities than to push the letter theme. But I'll use them when they cross over, such as the ballerina packet from 1+1+1=1 I'll use during letter B week. 

Printable and Craft Resources:
1+1+1=1 (Tot School, Raising Rockstars)
Totally Tots
Confessions of a Home Schooler

Character Coloring Sheets:

Why  no use TV to my advantage?  I made a playlist for every letter, but have only let her watch the A one.  She really likes the first video with Grover.  I just let it loop for her while I work on other things and she watches off and on.  I'll also play an alphabet playlist for her on loop.

Letter A play list on YouTube:

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