Monday, August 20, 2012

As I was making snack (or second breakfast) for Natalie and me, I got to feeling guilty about giving her bacon, yet the fact that its only 930 and she has had whole wheat and fruit twice made me think that we must be better than a lot of families out there. 

How we eat well:
  • lots of steamed veggies from our farm share
  • no soda for the kids and rarely for us adults
  • dessert isn't expected every night
  • fresh fruit every day, often three or more servings of fruit a day (including juice)
  • low fat milk (excepting William)
  • choose healthy options when possible (low sodium, reduced fat, less sugar, more whole grain, more fiber, etc)
  • veggies always offered at dinner and usually at lunch

What we could do better:
  • organic foods
  • less processed meats
  • drink more water

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