Monday, May 7, 2012


I can't believe its been six weeks since I last did one of these updates.  In a lot of ways, the baby book is where I write all of William's new achievements and Natalie's are the kind of things that are hard to pin point and write about.  But here we go anyway ...

  • Since I last wrote, William is crawling full speed as well as cruising on furniture.  He can stand alone for a second or two and sometimes can walk holding just one hand.  William can easily get down from standing. 
  • William's sleep continues to be all over the place.  He can fall asleep alone, but does not like to.  Sometimes he doesn't even want to hold still to nurse to sleep.
  • William clearly says Dada in the correct context for Mike.  
  • William plays independently with toys all the time now.  He particularly likes balls, toy food and dishes, and anything Natalie is playing with.  
  • William is at a low with stranger anxiety right now.  He lets others hold him and did awesome when we had a baby sitter.  
  • William can drink from a sippy cup.  
  • William eats okay with a spoon if you hand it to him with food on it.  
  • William has a pincer grasp.  
  • William interacts with other kids and babies.
  • William loves animals, especailly our cats and other people's dogs.  
  • William doesn't love books.  He has a hard time sitting still to listen.  He still gets to hear several books a day including when I read to Natalie at breakfast and lunch, one book at bedtime, and when I read to him as he nurses at bedtime.  
  • William can clap his hands, sometimes it makes a sound.  
  • This morning it looked like he was trying to put a block on a tower like I did.  

  • Since her injections, Natalie as regained her ability to climb up on furniture and to go up and downstairs.  She is back to where she was six months ago.  
  • Natalie likes to have her fingernails and toenails painted and likes to do mine.  She actually does a lot better than you would expect!
  • Natalie is very into closing doors, but she can't open them.  
  • Natalie can take off her shoes all by herself.  She can take off her coat if you push it off her shoulders a little bit.  She can pull her shirt over her head (she's done that for a long time) and can pull down her paints.  Sometimes she can get her socks off.  She can't put on any clothes, though she is working at the arms of her shirt and her shoes.  
  • Natalie helps clean up the toys every night.  
  • Natalie no longer sits in a booster seat at the kitchen table.  She remembers to ask to be excused at least half the time before she starts to get down.  
  • Natalie continues to be really awesome at remembering stories she's been read or seen on TV.  She then acts them out later in her play.  
  • Natalie also knows what seems like a million songs.  
  • Natalie is excited about tricycles.  
  • Every day it seems Natalie learns something new about the world, such as that you swipe your credit card to pay at the store.  
  • Natalie is getting better at letting William play near her and with her.  She is more tolerant of him touching her, even when it hurts.  On days when she isn't tolerant, she is starting to get the idea that she has to keep things she doesn't want him to touch out of his reach and that she needs to tell him no thank you or that she needs her space.  
  • A new favorite game of her's is to climb over us as we lay on the ground.  She also likes to go under a bridge we make with our legs and the coffee table.  
  • She has started to ask "Why?", but thankfully she only does it repetitively sometimes.  
  • Natalie is sometimes deliberately contrary and changes her mind quickly.  
  • Natalie still refuses to get out of bed alone.  She'll call out for me off and on for an hour rather than getting up and playing with all her toys!
  • Natalie is still ambivilant about potty training.  Sometimes she asks to sit on the potty, but we haven't had any results since that spree back in October.  We remind her that she can always tell us before she goes.  She's had lots of leaked diapers and a few "accidents" with no diaper on.  She claims she wants to wear Lightening McQueen Pull-ups and will then try to potty.  

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