Monday, May 21, 2012


Between now and Friday, we have gotten a lot of things done around here.

  • Mike updated Java on my computer so that I could finally update the grandparents' digital frames.  
  • Sewed a strap into William's hat
  • Cut the 3 inch tall stack of coupon papers
  • Returned the extra things from my sister's shower (wahoo $26!)
  • Three loads of laundry
  • Emptied the dishwasher at least twice, as well as washing pots and pans at least three times, and refilling the dishwasher
  • I made two meatloaves (one just to freeze) and Mike made brownies
  • Mike mowed the lawn (including bagging the grass and weed wacking)
  • Mike vacuumed
  • We did the regular shopping as well as the special shopping at Shaws
  • Went to a yard sale and got the best deals ever - a Care Bear for Natalie for 50 cents, and toy took kit for William for $1
  • Mike changed the pads on the bottom of the kitchen chairs so they slide again, and Mike put glue on the bottom of the kitchen rug so it doesn't slide
  • Mike also: pulled up weeds in the front yard, put in the screens for the doors, put up the basketball hoop, and rose the front steps with cinder blocks
  • One walk
  • One trip to the park
  • One dress up play date at the library
  • Package ready to mail for Mike's mom's birthday (and Mother's Day a little late)
  • Mike and the kids got to meet our friends' daughter when we went for a short visit
  • Watched our Netflix movie and caught up on all our DVR shows
  • Lots of dancing the hula with Natalie
  • A fabulous morning snuggle with William

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