Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thankful Weekend

  • Natalie brave at dentist and no cavities
  • William's tooth breaking through
  • Cute new spring outfits for the kids
  • Cute new spring pjs for the kids
  • Flip flops
  • Beautiful weather
  • Lots of time in the backyard
  • Natalie and William playing together
  • Family enjoying music
  • William having a good night of sleep
  • Snuggles with William when he didn't have a good night of sleep
  • Natalie singing "baby love"
  • Placing an awake put very sleepy William in bed and walking away as he stays laying down like a little frog
  • William babbling
  • Natalie giving William kisses
  • Watching Mike play with the kids through the kitchen window
  • Getting a sizable chunk of baby shower stuff done
  • The satisfaction of creating something
  • Sleeping in shorts under a soft blanket in snuggly temperatures
  • Sharing Jane Eyre with Mike
  • Wild flowers in the grass
  • The satisfaction of folded laundry and cleaned dishes
  • Long talk with my sister
  • Watching William play as he explore objects by shaking.banging, and dropping them
  • Watching William speed crawl to me
  • A quick kiss goodbye from Natalie as she goes out to play
  • Natalie's dancing
  • Mike's helpful insight on several small problems
  • Watching Mike wrestle with William on the floor
  • Promise of a date out with Mike to see a horror movie in the near future
  • Mortgage payment dropping about $200 thanks to my parents' help

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