Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Schedule (Natalie 2.5 and William 7 months)

I used to write one of these about Natalie every couple months, but haven't in a long time.  Not even sure if I can!

between 6 and 7 William wakes up.  Mike is usually the one to change and dress him. 
7 Get Natalie up.  Usually have breakfast right away. 
730 Nurse William while Natalie plays.
between 8 and 9 William goes down for a nap
until 930 or 10 depending on the day, we play, snack, and get ready to go out
Monday and Thursday we go to play group, Tuesday and Thursday we go to story time, Friday we go play at a friend's house
11 or 1130 we head home, William often falls asleep in the car
between 1130 and noon start lunch
by 1 Natalie is in bed for nap
until about 2 play with William and nurse, then he naps
by 430, everybody up from nap to play and snack.
between 5 and 530 Daddy gets home and we switch. Mike watched kids while I make dinner, clean up, and get kids rooms ready for bed.
about 545 dinner
Monday, Wednesday, Friday we start bath for both kids at 615
630 William starts bed time routine with me in his room while Natalie and Daddy finish bath, watch TV, and snuggle
730 finish Natalie's bed time routine (clean up, brush teeth, and stories)
8 Natalie in bed

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