Friday, April 6, 2012

Bunny Mask

Saw this on Pinterest and was excited to make it ourselves. We had a play date two days before Easter so I brought the supplies for everyone in individual Ziplock bags.

You need:
8.5 x 11 card stock or cardboard
Glue (both stick and craft glue)
Cotton balls
1 pink pom pom
2 white pipe cleaners
Pink tissue paper
Elastic cord, roughly 8 inches
Two popsicle sticks

What to do:
When I get a free moment I'll google doc a template for the mask. I saw it on Pinterest and copied it on a piece of paper until it looked right on one side. I then folded it in half and cut it out. That ensure it would be symmetrical. Once traced, I cut it out.

I cut out the eye holes while Natalie waited because I wanted to judge where her eyes lined up. Mike had suggested using her sunglasses, but I never got around to it. Cutting the eye holes was the most difficult part for me because I didn't want to fold or rip the rest of the mark. You could use a pencil or really sharp scissors to start off the eye hole, or you can gently bend the paper to snip a starting slit.

The rest is pretty easy. Glue on the pink for the ears first so they lay under any cotton ball edges. I used tissue, but has originally planned on felt. I chose tissue to lessen the weight of the ears. Construction paper could also be used.

I then placed the pom pom nose and we glued on the cotton balls. I could only get the jumbo cotton balls, so I tore them in half as we went. We used the glue stick for this part. I coated the area with glue, and Natalie helped apply the cotton balls.

You should do the whiskers last. I used the craft glue to hold them on. First, I crossed them twice to hold them together making it easier to glue. They were still falling off the mask, so I applied more glue and used a binder clip to hold them in place for a while.

Once everything is applied, punch a hole on each end of the mask and tie on the elastic cord.

If your ears are floppy, glue a Popsicle sick to the back of each ear. Be sure to support the area it is bending from.

Though we made these for Easter, our mask will be added to the dress up box for future play.

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