Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Trip to the RLP

I brought Natalie to my hometown library this morning. William was napping at my parents' house, so it was a great Mommy - Natalie outing. The fun started before we even entered. Here's everything we did in an hour:

* in the car Natalie was excited to drive somewhere fun
* she calls the library a castle
* she chose to walk up the ramp
* once inside, she immediately saw a snowman and went to check it out
* she walked up all the stairs to the Children's Room
* she picked out our seats
* she loved seeing all the other kids arrive
* she saw Cocoa the Moose and had to be seriously talked out of going to give her a hug
* she listened to two stories
* we ahared some fruit snacks
* she made a valentine, including using glue and stampers
* she many times talked to a different snowman
* she rode a rocking horse, twice
* she played with some stuffed animals, including Elmo and Piglet
* she got introduce to the librarian from when I was a kid
* she got her hug from Cocoa, and so did Baby Kitty
* she saw some fish
* she tripped over a step and cried a bit, but otherwise did awesome on all the stairs.
* she did a Sesame St puzzle
* she found a baby doll and carried it around and then fed it boobie milk from her belly button, read it a story in my lap, and put it down for a nap using a moose hand puppet for a blanket
* thanked me for carrying her down two sets of stairs
* got excited about a blue chair in the book sale room
* climbed up a set of stairs
* looked at more snowmen
* walked down the outside steps and commented on the wind saying we should hurry to the car

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