Monday, February 20, 2012

Dress Up Box (girl)

Now that Natalie is about two and a half, dressing up has become almost a daily activity.  Here are some ideas for a dress up box.  Some are very girly, but many work for both boys and girls.

  • Custom jewelry - I saved a whole bunch of mine from when I was a kid / young teen.  These were the first dress up items with which Natalie enjoyed playing.  She started with bangle bracelets, then moved to long beaded necklaces like Marti Grais beads, and now she wears the beaded jewelry on elastic string.
  • Halloween customs - I've put both of Natalie's past Halloween customs in the box, but she usually just plays with the small pieces like the witch's hat and lady bug antenna on a head band.
  • Dollar store items - Its even better if you can go at Halloween, but all year round you can find some custom items at the dollar store such as crowns, wands, cowboy hats, and necklaces. I got Natalie fairy wings and a fire fighter helmet there at Halloween. 
  • Mom's shoes - Be sensible about the height of the heel to prevent injury.  I have clear memories of playing with my mom's heels. 
  • Purses - I also have clear memories of playing with my mom's old purse.  I have passed on to Natalie my purses that matched my prom and bridesmaid dresses. 
  • Hats - Any and all are great be them merely pretty or representative of a profession.
  • Sunglasses
  • Doctor's kit - You can buy many different types of doctor's kits but the must have item is the "doctorscope" as Natalie calls it.  Try getting a white, button-up tee for a lab coat. 
  • Cape - Natalie is happy with a receiving blanket knotted once at the neck, but you can buy them, too.  (A smaller piece of cloth can give your child's lovey a matching cape, too!)
  • Disney Princess dresses - Expensive, but fun.  
  • Masks - You have to be careful here because masks can be scary.  Natalie likes a Batman mask I cut off the back of a cereal box.  
  • Outdoor clothes - Natalie has fun with boots, raincoats, hats, and mittens.  They are more fun in the off season.  

First picture of Natalie playing dress up

Had to get one of William in there :)

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