Monday, January 23, 2012

More about money to make me feel better

This is one of those posts that is purely for my own therapy - to clear my mind. 

Expenses beyond monthly essentials this year:
  • down payment on a mini van
  • William's birth, my over night hospital stay 6 weeks before he was born
  • 4 pediatrician appointments for Natalie's neck, CT, PT, chiropractor
  • getting the Escort evaluated, even though we didn't get it repaired
  • getting the Sonata's windshield repaired to get it registered
  • items for William such as dresser, nursing pillow, some clothes, boyish liniens, car seat swaddle, breathable bumper, Halo sleep sack swaddler
  • Natalie's toddler bed and sheets
  • Renewing my teaching license
  • Upgrading to smart phones
  • Various one time cost items for the kids like a potty, paint brush set, video monitor
  • A few special clothes items like my maternity jeans

Ways I've saved us money this year:
  • I realized after the fact that getting my IUD actually saves us money than paying for the pill every month
  • Natalie's winter outdoor clothes were all cheaper than  last year.  Her coat was $8 on clearance last spring, her boots were $10 at Walmart purchased in the fall, and her snowpants were lent to us by a neighbor.  
  • We use both sides of almost all paper when drawing and painting.  
  • Extensive use of the library for books for both the kids and me, including interlibrary loan. 
  • Used the Netflix to watch My So Called Life and almost all of Glee.  This doesn't save us money, but makes the cost we spend worth it.  
  • Using coupons, especially on diapers and wipes.  
  • Buying items for the kids and Christmas so that we don't have to pay for shipping. 
  • Using points at Sears to buy the kids clothes
  • Giving items we don't need anymore as gifts in a few cases
  • Cutting gift money by $5 per person for extended family (saves us $30 a year)
  • Making some gifts
  • Buying a huge number of size 3 diapers for William at BJs with a coupon and a free month member ship
  • Not replacing my sunglasses when they were lost
  • Having 90% of William's clothes thus far lent to us by a friend
  • Getting big purchases as gifts such as my Bogg's boots and our food processor
  • Rarely going out to eat or to the movies
  • Breastfeeding vs formula (though that isn't our main reason, it does save money)
  • Selling back cds and dvds (I think we finished doing that this year)

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