Monday, January 30, 2012

If I had a Million Dollars

This post is duoally inspired by the high jackpot for the lottery around here recently and the BNL song.

  • Make our home have the following, which would most likely mean moving:
    • a respectable yard including green grass and flowering plants for all seasons
    • a porch
    • master bedroom suite, including a bathroom with whirlpool tub and two headed shower
    • laundry not in the basement
    • a garage
    • central air
    • more energy efficient (gas heat, well insulated windows) and try to use more green power sources
    • one of those awesome Little Tykes swing sets for the kids, as well as a variety of other yard toys (without feeling guilty that they can only use them half the year)
  • Swap our cars for hybrids
  • Invest a large sum for the kids college education
  • Save enough for a several nice vacations once the kids were old enough to come along or be left alone.  Ideas include Disney with the kids, Hawaii, European curse, and returning to Sandals in Jamaica for our ten year anniversary. 
  • Donate toys and other items to our play group
  • Donate books to our local library, especially all the titles I've had to interlibrary load or that aren't available in the system.
  • Donate to the Androscoggin Humane Society, from which Ellie was adopted.
  • I'd buy more from local businesses, including farm stands and gift shops.
  • I'd make a strong plea for local professionals to plow our driveway and mow our lawn so that Mike wouldn't have to worry about it anymore and could just spend time with us on weekends.
  • I'd actually buy clothes for the kids from Carter's instead of just browsing their web site.
  • Look into furthering my education, though I'm not sure there is anything else in which I'm interested in getting a degree.
  • Once the kids were older (like Natalie in school and William old enough for a day care / preschool) consider spending some of my time without the kids volunteering (instead of working). 

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