Saturday, December 3, 2011

Update for Natalie and William

* he can roll onto either side from his back, but prefers his right. He especially doed this in bed (where we are having a feet and crib slat problem) and under the toy gym.
* he can rotate 180 degrees while on his back from all his squirming.
* he can pick up a toy with a link on it if it is left near his hand. His favorite is a lion rattle.
* he brings his hands together and up to his mouth to try to get other toys in his mouth, especailly stuffed animals.
* lots of smiling, cooing, and laughing. He especailly likes being held up to stand on your lap so he is eye to eye with you.
* small reaction to tickling
* continues to do well with tummy time, but gets tired and wants to do somwthing else
* no problems sitting in Bumbo anymore, doesn't slump
* some strong reactions to black and white books. When excited, his eyes get big and he kicks his legs
* settling into a routine of naps
* self soothing to sleep using thumb, both in infant seat for naps and in crib

* her neck continues to bother her off and on. Due to this, she's learned to take a chewable pill.
* she is having trouble sleeping at night, really during the early morning. It might be nightmares or fear of the dark. As awesome as Natalie is at talking, she just can't tell us what's wrong.
* for about 3 weeks we did great with the potty, but then after pooping in the tub and on the floor, we've had total regression. BUT she still accurately tells up when she has gone and asks for a fresh diaper.
* knows a stop sign in an octogon
* very excited about Christmas ans learning about snowmen, reindeer, and Santa
* done some great things for William, like giving him a kiss when he was supposed to be sleeping (and quoting Llama Llama Red Pajama while doing so) or rocking his infant seat or car seat when he is crying. She'll pat his head and say "its okay baby William."
* continueing to get better at filling in words to familiar stories, especially the three little bears.
* knows credits mean a show is over. She often knows what comes on next. She is using time words like next.
* playing doctor by using a tape measure as a stythacope
* playing with smelling
* making toys act out games we play, such as two dolls playing Macaroni or one bear over reacting to smelling anothers foot
* enjoying making crafts for Christmas and asks to do them. She loves the glue.

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