Monday, December 5, 2011

Some cute Natalie moments

After a very up and down day, Natalie had a long period of great play last night in her room. She fed on of her dolls a bottle, then worked very hard to get it ready for a diaper change (using one of William's diapers). During the diaper change, she got the idea to give her doll a bath, so we got a tub and pretended to fill it at her play sink. Doll got a bath with a wash cloth then wrapped up in a towel before Daddy helped her put on the diaper. It was all very sweet to watch. Amazing too to see how focused she was on what she wanted to do.

Also cute, but sad, Natalie talked about two things that might have been bothering her at night causing her to whimper and cry. First she said her doll was afraid of the dark. Then later she said that two of her Care Bears had to hurry because of the monster from the movie, which I determined to be the bumble from Rudolph.

Also last night she climbed up to my nursing spot on the bed in William's room, tucked herself in and hugged my Snuffles Bear! After some conviencing, we got her to move. She was going to sut and listen to me read to William, but then she decided that she wanted to read to us. She took a book from the night stand, snuggled up to Mike and opened the book. She then says "once upon a time ..." and then said some stuff about "a giel named" and some numbers (probably the page numbers). It was very cute and very awesome how she was "reading."

Other cute thingd:
Playing doctor and saying boom boom for the heaet (I taughter that)
How she liked gluing crafts ans water colors
Her going choo choo all aboard for trains, yehaw for cowboys, and arrg for pirates
Saying "boobie milk for William"
Playing with the christmas ornaments
Pretty much all her interaction with William especially giving him toys ans rocking him when hw cries

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