Saturday, November 26, 2011

what a difference 24 hours makes

Overall, today was not a walk in the park, but much better than the last few days.  Natalie slept through the whole night without incident.  I had to go in right after putting her down when she was putting more books on her bed, and in the night she cried a couple times, but not long enough for me to get up and go to her.  She woke in the morning sounding horse and stuffy, but happy and hungry enough to eat some breakfast and drink a cup of milk. 

The rest of the day was up and down.  There were times she was playing with toys, and there were times she was whining sitting on my lap watching TV.  But, she pooped in her diaper twice in the morning, which is a big improvement from no poop and pooping on the floor because she got upset on the potty.  She also ate better, though she refused lunch and had to go right down for nap.  She ate awesome at dinner.  Before dinner, Mike stretched her neck and got her to calm down enough for her to relax as he stretched her neck.  Then I came in with the rice sock and he used it immediately for about 15 minutes.  We think this made the biggest difference in our night going so well, including her excellent performance at dinner.  Even when she said she wanted to get down, when neither of us took her, she ate a little more.  We told her a chewable Motrin was a treat, and she liked it at first.  She ate most of it, quickly followed by some milk and M&Ms.  Far better than her almost drowning on the liquid as we wrestled her in the tub last night. 

Bed time was the best though.  After a lot of crying over the potty now being in the bathroom, she did at least tell Mike that she wanted to use the potty to poop (the fourth one in 24 hours!).  He gently forced her to stay on the potty making sure it landed in the potty instead of the floor.  I was in nursing William to sleep, and could hear her get upset when she actually went, but overall this was a good thing.  All poop today was in acceptable places.  Bath following all went well including playing, though she got a little upset about her hair being rinsed, but that's every night.  She put her reward sticker for the potty on her poster wrapped up in her turtle towel, and then I carried her into her room.  As I walked her down the hall she kept saying she was Natalie not Spot, which took me a minute to get.  We had told her she picked a good spot for her sticker. 

As I got her diaper on, she was showing me how to do the mountain Sprout stretch.  She was putting her palms together and raising her arms over her head saying "big mountain" and then bringing them in front of her chest saying "small mountain."  She said she wanted to cook (play with her toy food), but changed her mind when Mike came in and got up on her bed for stories.  I read her Llama Llama Home with Mama, which is about being sick.  Then we read The Three Bears together, as she can fill many of the words herself.  While reading that one she asked for her fire fighter helmet and her ball.  She wound up putting her helmet on Momma Kitty and Baby Kitty, which was pretty funny since it covered them both completely.  After the second story, she was ready to go to sleep and snuggled down with no fuss for kisses. 

I can't get over how different one day can be.  Its so amazing to have her back to being happy.  Other things went well today, too.  I got some reorganizing down.  Mike moved things around in the living room so we can put the Christmas tree up tomorrow.  I reorganized the toys to accommodate the lost space, and then worked on the toys in Natalie's room.  Its hard to find time to do that because my usual break time is when she is sleeping.  Later, Mike bought me a bin at the store.  It was larger than the ones we need for organizing current toys (mainly we need a bigger dress up box and something to put her balls in), but I put the toys she's out grown that are waiting for William in it in his closet.  I also got rid of the big cardboard boxes in their closets switching to easier to manage, reusable plastic containers.  Another highlight of today was watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with Natalie, though she said the Bumble scared her and to turn it off.  Perhaps one of the nicest things today was just sitting and reading by myself for about an hour as Mike did the shopping.  Natalie was napping in her room and William, having eaten on both sides previous, fell asleep in the infant seat.  Other pluses from today: taking a shower, making breaded honey mustard chicken for dinner, and talking to my friend on the phone for a little bit.  I think I'll just pretend today was my birthday instead of yesterday!

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