Monday, November 21, 2011

So much better

We went to the doctir's for Natalie on Friday and saw one of the heads of the practice versus some medical assistant. She checked Natalie over fully, asked us a bunch of questions, and watched Natalie walk around. The diagnosis was torticollis, which is a stiff neck. We were told to use ibuprophen because it helps inflamed muscels and to use heat in the form of a rice sock. Natalie was better after the first dose of Motrin. Back to her old self running, smiling, laughing, talking up a storm, climbing on the couch, and playing with her toys. She had a few rough patches over the weekend, but she is back to normal. Her appitite seems better too - she ate 5 snacks while grocery shopping and ate all her dinner last night, plus fruit salad for dessert even though she'd been eating graham crackers an hour before.

We both are so relieved. Not only she Natalie more pleasant and easy to deal with this way, but we knew that was such odd behavior for her that its good to be validated that soemthing was wrong and for it to be such a simple thing. We've been enjoying her so much this weekend. A few highlights:

Mike making William hop after her and Natalie running away screeking.
Natalie hiding behind me or curling up in my lap to hide from Mike's tickling. We also hid using a blanket.
Going to the Fezival of Trees. Natalie didn't love it as much as we hoped, but she saw Santa from a ways off and was excited to talk about him before and after. She said she "can't wait" and was "excited."
Coloring together with the window crayons.
Playing hide and seek in the living room.
Natalie making her bath toys slide down her legs.
Natalie shouting "baby William asleep" at the dinner table and waking him up, then be a little concerned when he didn't wake up later.
Natalie holding a book up for William to see and reading it to him.
Natalie tucking in her doll house dolls with scraps of felt.
Natalie agreeing to compromise with sharing toys with William. She could take the turtle, if she gave him something else to play with.
Natalie singing "I love shoes" while Mike put them on her.
Natalie yelling at Ellie kitty to not eat her toy when Ellie was sniffing it.
Natalie asking me to play this little piggy with her after I did with William.
Natalie's awesome job filling in the words / story for the three bears.
Natalie saying when shows are "over" and saying what's "next." And speaking of time, she also asks if we're "almost done." When I get her an apple or pear for a snack, she asks over and over as I peel it like that old Are we there yet? Joke.

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