Saturday, October 15, 2011

I've been having a hard time finding the time to get on just recently to up date on what's been going on. 

The big news today was that we got new phones.  This is big news because we've had the same phones for about three years, which is along time for phone technology.  The last couple months we've been having trouble with service when in our house.  We'd lose calls at random, and then just this morning I couldn't even place a call since I had no bars in my own living room for a time.  So, even though we will be playing more per month, we are getting more 1500 minutes, 5 gb of data per line, and unlimited texting AND we have 4 or 5 bars of service at home.  And, the phones are super cool.  There is voice recognition and touch screen and a full keyboard, plus a super good camera and video camera.  I'm going to enjoy having web access on the phone a lot.  Not only will it be  nice for when I'm stuck on the couch nursing and want to look something up, but it will be  nice when we are out and we want to know something - like a restaurant phone number or price of an item on line. 

Since I last wrote, Natalie had her two year check up and I had my six week postpartum appointment.  We both got a clean bill of health.  Natalie had to get a routine blood test for lead.  When we went to the lab to get it done, we had to wait for half an hour and she had a ball showing off to everyone there climbing up and down on the chairs.  She didn't love it so much when it came time to give her blood though, but did alright considering.  Then, we went to the Dunkin Donuts in the hospital and I got her a full sized chocolate donut as a treat.  At my appointment, I decided to get an idu put in for birth control I don't have to worry about for the next five years. 

Last weekend, we were very excited to go apple picking with Natalie since we had such a good time last year.  This year was a disastor.  We went by Kmart first, and it took forever to get out of there.  We were returning an item, checking out leather jackets I saw for Mike, and getting Mike's flu shot. The flu shot is what took forever.  Then, we drove the rest of the way to the orchard.  Natalie was all excited to go in the car and even the first few minutes.  But, we had her in her new rain boots and the grass was long, so she had trouble walking and tripped.  Then Mike told her not to eat an apple off the ground.  From there on out, it was a series of every little thing upsetting her.  She was hungry, and hot because the sun was beating down on us, she was upset about her shoes and walking.  Even a big fat caterpillar made her cry.  Mike and I were very frustrated to say the least.  We were trying to carry the apples, the diaper bag, and William.  Mike broke down and went back for the stroller, which made things much easier, but Natalie was still unhappy.  At one point, Mike and I went in different directions and accidently  left her along.  We are extremely lucky she wasn't hit by a car because when we both turn around, there she is in the middle of the dirt road through the orchard with a pick up truck sitting there and a kind lady holding a baby trying to Natalie to come out of the road.  Definitely a low point in my parenting.  I try not to think about it because I feel horrible whenever I do and can't even imagine how I would cope if she had been hurt. 

Speaking of car accidents, I got in my first one ever.  I was bring the kids to the library and a woman pulled out of a side street from a stop sign and hit us.  Totally her fault.  I saw her coming which was scary.  I don't remember much the actual moment of the accident.  I was amazed when I got out of the car that there was so little damage.  She hit the rear wheel.  Neither of the kids noticed anything had happened.  I couldn't leave them alone in the car, so I didn't see the damage to her car, but an old man who stopped because he was behind me, told me that her license plate fell off.  I am now worried whenever I see anyone coming at me from the side.  I still have to get everything settled with the insurance company and getting it looked at.  I'm hoping it won't be too much of a hassle, especially since I'll have to go to the shop with both of the kids.  If they need to do a lot of work, then I'll have to get a rental, which I've never done, or have Mike stay home. 

Not too much else going on.  I took the kids to the park for the first time by myself the other morning.  Our neighbors came over for a play date one afternoon.  We went out to eat Friday night.  We were going to go to Friendlies, because we had coupons, but found out when we got there that the one down the street is one of the many that have closed.  So, we went to Wendy's instead.  Natalie enjoyed it greatly, saying "I can't wait for French fries" as soon as she climbed up into the booth.  She ate all of her chicken nuggests, too.

As far as the kids go, Natalie continues to seem smarter every day.  She talks more and more in full sentences saying things like "I can't do it"  or "I can't reach" or "Mommy, get up."  As I told MIke the other day, if I didn't watch TV with her, I would think she is crazy because she very often relates what is happening around us to the shows she's seen telling little bits of them.  Meanwhile, William is growing like a weed.  He has been having a little trouble staying asleep when he isn't being held.  I'm not sure if it is his gas problem keeping him awake or if it is just him moving more or just wanting to be with us.  He seems very aware about if we are around.  He also often demands to be held a certain way, with his head on your shoulder.  But, he also  is cooing and has some weak, be deliberate, smiles.  Tonight we had him awake for about two hours before bath and bed time, and though it took a while to get him down, he was down at the same time as Natalie almost.  I had just enough time to swoop in for her last book, which she wanted to be read to her as she wore her new fire helment, and she kept talking about riding her bike with a helmet.  Ah, I love her.  William, too.  Even though I slept about three hours sitting up with him in my arms last night, those silly little smiles make it worth it, as do the cooing.  I love the cooing because he seems happy instead of just a little lump that I worry isn't happy, or is actually telling me he is unhappy because he's crying. 

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