Monday, September 12, 2011

Today got both better and worse. William slept for play group giving me a much needed break from his constant need to nurse. I got to talk to other adults, too. When we got home, I got Natalie threw lunch and asleep for nap before he woke up. Then after a diaper change, he nursed to sleep and I dozed with him in my lap.

But, once I got Natalie up, things got rough again. She didn't seem to know what to do with herself as far as playing was concerned, and he just wanted to nurse again. I don't mind William being alert during the day, but if all he wants is to nurse, then it becomes difficult. If he was happy to just be held or play on the floor for longer than half an hour, it would make things easier. Anyway, we got threw it. I gave Natalie a new toy from her nursing basket and she loved it. Its a cross between a puzzle and paper dolls. Technically, it was supposed to stay in the nursing basket once I was threw nursing, but she loved it so much, she played with it the rest of the night. It was really cool watching her maneuver the pieces into the right places and get excited to show it to Mike when he got home.

After dinner, we gave William a bath and I nursed him to sleep. I'm not sure if it was Mike's superior swaddling or tiring him out from all the crying surrounding bath, but he then slept until about 9 in his crib. Then, Mike did his diaper again and I swaddled him before nursing. He's already back in his crib sleeping. But, I'm afraid to get my hopes up. He slept well this time of night last night, too. Other than that bath, he hasn't really had a period of alertness longer than a nursing since about 430. I'm not sure if that is enough awake time to make him sleepy all night. I'm not sure how that all really works. Technically, I should just go to bed now. I am feeling tired, but at the same time, I wish I could stay up and just enjoy some adult time. I already fell asleep for half an hour while watching TV with Mike before William woke up.

Natalie is showing more jealousy. Its not aggression towards William, but being upset that we aren't spending time with her. Tonight she got a little upset a few times that I was with William in his room and couldn't come out to the living room with her. But, when William did go down, I got the best snuggle with her on the couch. And, right before her bath, I got an awesome hug. It was the kind where I pick her up and she curls her legs up into me and puts her head on my shoulder. I haven't gotten a hug like that in like 6 months before of the pregnancy. It felt so good. It would have been great if all of bedtime was so perfect, but she got upset multiple times. She was upset about having her teeth brushed, but we don't know if its because of teething. She complained several other times threw out bed time. She has a rash, but we currently think its just a heat rash. There's a little on her face and stomach. It was a lot worse than I though when I saw it at bath time, which means it got worse through out the day. Its also all the way down in her crotch area. I think that is more reason its from heat because she worse leggings today and it got pretty hot in the car and in the living room. If it looks worse tomorrow, I'll have to take her to the doctor to be sure, but looking it up in the baby book, none of the other rashes fit her symptoms, even with her mild fever earlier in the week. I put some lotion on it, but I think that made her more upset because it was thick Aquaphor. And, of course, I read after that that to it should be treated with corn starch.

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