Monday, September 12, 2011

First morning alone

So, this morning has been the hardest so far, no question. First, William wouldn't sleep in his crib for me last night. Maybe if I'd kept trying, he would have, but after two failed attempts in a row, I just let him sleep on me. I tried again later, and he again woke up after ten minutes. So, I let him sleep in my lap. I did get to sleep too, but its not very comfortable sleeping sitting up right.

Now it seems like William isn't happy unless he is within an inch of my boob. He's eating like every hour, but then once I get him there, he isn't all that enthusiastic. He's constantly grunting, even while eating. He's constantly farting and pooping and spitting up. He's driving me crazy because even though he's awake, he isn't interested in anything.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep Natalie happy. She chooses this morning of course to be sad that she can't sit in my lap while I nurse, even though she's seen me nurse several times a day for two weeks. She also doesn't seem to know what to do with herself. Thank god her birthday is in a few weeks and she'll be getting some new toys to distract her.

We are going to play group soon. Natalie's fever has been gone for 24 hours the doctor recommends before going out, but this little spotty rash she has is now worse. I just hope that either Natalie is happy to play by herself or that William sleeps the whole time again. Its been easy to get the two of them ready, but I've already had to change shirts and still need to wash up and would love to have something else to eat, but I feel like I can barely even get a second to go pee.

What is so frustrating is that the mornings have not been like this. Pretty much every morning that we've had William home, he's slept the whole time. Of course its this morning that he chooses to be awake for more than two hours despite being fed three times and changed twice.

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