Sunday, August 28, 2011

Natalie and William's First Encounter

Mike brought Natalie over to meet William this morning and to see me.

The first order of business was to say hello to me, but within about a minute she was saying "Momma snack, Momma snack." Goes to show that she still connects me with food. I got her some of the dried cherries I'd purposely hid as not to distract her. Then, Mike sees her peeking over at the cradel. I picked her up (which was much harder than I anticipated) and let her see him.

Natalie had a lot to say about him, but mostly she said, "Baby." Pretty quickly she said, "Kisses" and made a kiss towards him though she was too high up to actually kiss him. Mike asked her who that was, and she said "Baby William." Amazing!

Then she wanted to get down and eat more cherries. Then she wanted me to take her hand and bring her on a walk, so I walked her around the unit a couple times. She came back in and went back and forth between cherries and looking at William. When Mike held her up, her let her reach down to touch him. She was pretty good about being gentle. She gave him a high five as best she could and stroked his stomach.

Somewhere in here I gave her the big sister present we had ready, which was a doll of Kai-lan. She really liked it and walked around with it the rest of the time she was here. She even showed it to William and told him about it.

There was a small tantrum when she wanted my father to walk with her and she ran off and he told her no. He didn't know that the ward is just a circle. Then she tripped. So, there was some crying. When she came back in after walking with Mike, I was holding William. She got up on the bed and sat next to me. She pretended to give him a kiss again after she gave me one.

When it was time to go, she was a little upset that I wouldn't take her hand and go on another walk with her. But she was good about putting her shoes and coat back on. Then she came and gave me AND William kisses goodbye.

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