Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Level

I feel like saying that its been like a roller coaster is too dramatic, but things definitely haven't been level.

Yesterday, I tell the home visitor how Natalie has been napping so great in the afternoon (three plus hours; we even had to wake her up yesterday) and then just now, she wakes up at 130 after barely an hour and half. I'm writing my blog anyway unless she starts crying!

She was driving me crazy walking to and from the library. I felt like I was pulling her arm out of her socket just to get her to move. Its like 40 degrees and windy and we're trying to cross an intersection and she doesn't want to move. She wound up finally tripping right at the curb like ten feet from the car.

At the library, she was pretty good. She discovered the water fountain and thought it was a sink, so she got all excited to wash her hands. But, she wanted to ride the elevator down and its broken. And she got all upset about another little girl her age having a Lorax lovey with her. It was like Natalie is the only one allowed to have a lovey. She was quite during the story time, but it was only 15 minutes because our regular librarian is on vacation. And I put an hour and half on the meter.

But before we leave for the library, we put on her cute new frog boots and she wears her sunglasses, and she is just the cutest thing ever. Then, the whole way to the library in the car, she plays with her sunglasses putting them off and on, but upside down. In fact, those frog boots have been a big up the last few days. She loves them and everywhere we go people say they are awesome. I love that they are boy boots, but are just as great for her. Best of all, she has learned to ribbit.

Also great, when the home visitor came last night, she played with her right away. She brought contact paper and cut-out construction paper shapes and Natalie loved putting them down like stickers on the paper. Next, she played with Play Doh for the first time with Mike. The home visitor was pretty surprised how into it she got for a first time. She smooshed it, ripped it, touched it, handed it back and forth with Mike, put it in and out of the right color containers. And she only put it in her mouth once, right at the end, and immediately made a face about how gross it was!

Getting into the car after the library, she is all cranky at me. Maybe I scratched her with one of my nails, and I'm all angry doing up the straps over her damn winter coat (What happened to our beautiful 55 degree weather? Isn't that why we rushed out to buy rain boots? I look for any excuse for her not to wear that coat, but its going to be in the 30's for the next few days). I give her a cup and kitty, and she's smiling at me from the back seat within a minute, and drains the cup before we hit the store parking lot. When we went to the grocery store to get milk after story time, she was great. We read an Elmo book, I let her hold the yogurt and she didn't complain when I took it away to ring it up. But, her frog boots got all caught in the shopping cart cover and one fell off. Then she is like dangling around my waist, so I hoist her up and she starts crying like I hurt her. It might have been that Kitty feel. She falls asleep in the car within five minutes.

I guess we are just both prone to being cranky today. One minute we are happy singing songs together, sharing a snack, watching videos on my lap, or tickling, and the next she's asking for more food we don't have any of, throwing the contents of my makeup drawer on the floor, and getting the eyes of her frog boots stuck on the stairs forcing me to walk her up the hands.

The oil delivery man (who is only hear because the messed up the delivery two days ago) just opened and shut the screen door, making Natalie start going Mama, Mama. So I should go. I always wonder and worry about what she thinks when I don't come when she calls. I think a Disney movie is in our future this afternoon.

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