Monday, March 28, 2011

A Natalie Update

Lots to write about today, so let's start off with a separate post on some things about Natalie.
  • We just played an excellent game of patty cake. She rolled her hands and made the "put it in the oven" motion" all the while talking something that sounded a little like the words. Then, I said the words and we played together.
  • At play group this morning, she was very excited to see another little boy's Elmo. The mother of that boy let Natalie play with it the whole time. I'm not sure the boy really wanted her to, but he is almost four, so the mom probably figured he didn't need to be carrying a toy around, and he didn't seem to mind once he got playing. But, at the end, when it was time to give Elmo back, she kept going up to him chanting Elmo. We had to leave early so she didn't disrupt the whole story time portion and so that poor little boy didn't have to witness her having a meltdown over his toy. When Elmo was out of eye sight, though, she was fine.
  • Natalie can put her sunglasses on about 50% of the time. The other half she gets them upside down or crooked. Only poked herself in the eye a couple times. The best part (other than her looking adorable in them) is that she was squinting in the back in the direct sunlight, so I said "If you put on your sunglasses it will be better," and she did. But, she took them right back off again.
  • I think its safe to say Natalie officially has 100 words. Its funny how people think she is saying different things than I realize. Like today, the mom who gave her Elmo thought she was saying share and then thank you. I also think she says a word for thank you, but its usually like "goo mama." The home visitor thought she said help. Its hard for me to not brag about her words when people comment. Sometimes it will be, "she sure says a lot!" and I want to say, "yeah! like 100 words and starting on sentences like "boo! I see you!"". Other times, Natalie will say one word and the person will fixate on how cute it is when they just start saying a few words. Those times I want to set them straight and explain that she is not just babbling out a few words anymore. One of these days, I don't want to hold back to just to see what the other moms would say. Would they think I was bragging or would they be impressed or surprised? Natalie sure impresses and surprises me.
  • Speaking of thank you, I also think she says please as pea. How did she become so polite all the sudden? I know I make an effort to say please and thank you to her, but I didn't think it was quite enough yet to stick. (I distinctly remember being criticized more than once as a teen as being someone who didn't say thank you. When I thought about, I don't remember it being expected in our home. I know we didn't say it around our home. I've made an effort to make sure that isn't the case for Natalie).
  • Natalie has a Foofa doll that asks you to move it in certain ways. Natalie can do almost all of them now. These include "pound me on the back," "wiggle me," "dance," and "turn me upside down."
  • I find it interesting to compare Natalie to other children. I know, horrors, you aren't supposed to do that. But, its so interesting how the three other little girls we know about her age are all so different. For example, the little girl we see at play group is by far quieter and shier, but she is a much better sharer and more generous. A different example would be our neighbor who is better at gross motor skills like going down stairs, as well as interacting with a large range of adults and older children. Lastly, the other little girl we know doesn't seem to say as many words, but signs a lot, and shows her comprehension more than other girls we know. She isn't shy per se, but just less social than Natalie. When Natalie was younger and didn't yet have any outstanding abilities, it was a little more destructive for me to compare, but now that her personality is so happy and social and her language development more than I could have ever dreamed, seeing differences is more just interesting.
  • So, its a few hours later and I have to add what Natalie did while waiting for dinner. I was singing songs to her to help her wait. I sang the alphabet, then she went Baa Baa for Baa Baa Black Sheep. So, I then sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (since all three have the same tune). When I get to "up above the world" she just says almost the whole line before I can. Crazy!
  • Also, after dinner, she is still running around in her sunglasses and sitting in a laundry basket. She starts going "up" and "down" as she squats and stands up.
  • Lastly, during bath, she took the wash cloth and we decided to ask her to wash certain parts of her body. Starting with her face. Then she said, eye, and like poked herself in the eye. Next we did tummy, and then toes. Watching her wash her foot was the cutest.

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