Monday, January 3, 2011

Needles at the Doctor's Office!

★ When a newborn needs to give blood, the nurse pricks the toe. Make sure your baby's toes are warm, or it will take a lot longer! We had my daughter in one of those infant gowns, and her feet were a bit chilly. We didn't realize a 6 day old needed socks.

★ When your older baby gives blood, the nurse will prick a finger. If your child is a thumb sucker, let the nurse know which hand you want her to use before she just grabs one and starts. Poor Natalie was stuck without her thumb to suck :(

★ When your child starts walking, monthly vaccinations will move from the thigh to the arm. I didn't know this, and we had to take off all her clothes to access her upper arm. Redressing her while she cried over the shot was an unnecessary hassle.

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