Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Skype and Night Whining

Mike has returned to work and things are back to normal around here for the most part. The last two nights, Natalie had some serious whining in her sleep. It started around 430 Tuesday morning, and was off and on for an hour. Usually, if she does this sort of thing at all, she goes right back to a quite sleep. But after an hour, we both couldn't take it anymore, and I brought her into our bed, which we've never done before. (She slept on my chest a few times when we were still sleeping in her room, but that was a year ago!). She understood pretty quickly that this wasn't a time to crawl around or try to get off the bed, but she was delighted by laying down next to mommy, finding my phone, touching the blanket, and watching my digital clock change colors. At one point, she launched herself on to me, but didn't stay for long. After Mike got up, she started to get fussy, and I pulled her back on to me with her legs along my side, her head on my shoulder, one thumb in her mouth with the other arm across my next. She was asleep in less than five minutes. It was delightful for me, even if slightly uncomfortable as the hours wore on. I did feel back here the congestion in her nose. She woke up happy, and promptly tried to empty a whole box of tissues on to the bed.

The rest of the day went pretty well. She has her 15 month check up. She let me walk her across the parking lot and up to the desk, and followed the nurse and I into the height and weight room, and then into the office. She is now just under 25 lbs and 31 inches tall, which is pretty much 75% for both. She was okay with the doctor, until he started the exam. Then she cried the whole time. I still don't know how pediatricians can check breathing and heart beats with a child crying like that. She calmed while we waited for the nurse, but cried for her shot. Luckily, it was only one this time, which was her second flu shot. She recovered from it pretty fast though.

She fell asleep in the car on the way home, which is happening more often these days. But, since she switched to one nap a day, she falls into a deeper sleep, and I can move her from the car without any problem. To pass the time after she got up, I called my parents on Skype. At first, Natalie sat in my lap some and was excited to see them. Soon, she wanted to get down. She had me read several books to her and my parents watched. The best two were Where's Spot, as Natalie got to enjoy saying "no" over and over again, and Here Are My Hands, as she showed them that she knows where her feet, head, nose, ears, cheeks, teeth, and neck are. We also played tea party for them to watch, and I got her to put her basketball through her new hoop we got her first Christmas. Mike is delighted at how quickly she picked that up. Its very cute to watch her walk over and then reach over her head to get the ball over the rim.

Later,I put in WALL-E, but she seemed to hate it. She just complained at the TV. I'm not sure if it was a little too rough for her (like the beginning of Lilo and Stitch is), or if she was just crabby because her cold was coming on. She really didn't want to play with her toys or anything, and just complained at me for a couple hours. Once Mike got home (a half an hour late because of getting his windshield wipers fixed), she was better, and we didn't have any real problems the rest of the night.

Last night, Natalie woke up around 230 and 330 whining again, but it was for shorter periods and not as loud. She made noise again as Mike's alarms were going off, but around 630 she seemed to wake up as her sounds suddenly changed from unhappy to happy and playing. Her cold has progressed from a few sneezes and coughs on Monday, to some clear snot yesterday, to lots of thick yellow snot this morning, that has required me to wipe her nose enough to get her angry at me. She kept laying down on her pillows and sucking her thumb, so I tried putting her down for a nap when I started this blog. She's only been quite for a few minutes at a time, but no crying. So, I'm off to go get her for her snack in just a minute. I would like for us to still go out today, and I think she isn't too sick to prevent it, but letting her sleep on my shoulder like that yesterday seems to have resulted in a stiff shoulder for me. I can barely look to the left. If it doesn't improve, I don't think we can go out because I won't be able to look over that shoulder to drive. At least my friend is supposed to visit this afternoon to make things a bit more exciting. I'm not sure if we will go to play group tomorrow if her nose is still running like this.

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