Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Newest Natalie Skills

New things Natalie is doing:
  • Saying "uh-oh" or at least mimicking my tone. She has also been saying "poo," but not always in context. She also says "pi," but we don't know what it means. While sitting her writing, she dropped a book and went "uh oh," without me saying anything. So cute!
  • Getting up from sitting without holding on to anything.
  • Saying bye a lot. She says it when leaving a room. She sometimes says it when putting an item in a container. She says it at the end of Yo Gabba Gabba, and last night at the end of Where the Wild Things Are.
  • Deliberately stacked one block on top of the other several times
  • Scribbled with a crayon, using her right hand only. She mostly is just making an arch with that hand, but has made dots and a vertical line a couple times. She really loves this one rainbow crayon I have. She likes to play with the other crayons, but hasn't scribbled with them yet.
  • Go through a tunnel
  • She is not afraid to play away from me at playgroup
  • Get on her stomach to look under something and try to reach it
  • Use a fork, if we put the food on it
  • Climb upstairs well
  • She is a very fast walker, I'm not sure it would be called running yet
  • Sometimes climb down a few steps backwards
  • Doing a fair amount of pointing to pictures and things asking "What's that" or "Who's that."
  • She says hi to people and things all the time. Things would include toys, any picture of Elmo or Kai-lan she sees, scarecrows, the pictures on the digital frame, and a statue I have of Santa.
  • She has been interested in photographs, her dollhouse, rings / bracelets, pressing buttons, and baby dolls a lot recently.

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