Monday, August 2, 2010

Nap Time

The second I put Natalie down for a nap, there are a hundred things I could do. Today this list includes:

  • Huge mountain of laundry to fold, which I started as she was crawling around, but didn't get far.
  • Richard's gift to buy on line
  • Coupons to file
  • Papers on my desk to sort and fill - things such as booklets for Natalie's toys
  • Get myself washed up and dressed
  • Fill out the re-subscription to Parenting magazine - hmm, maybe that could be done on line
  • A few questions to ask on Yahoo! Answers
  • Clean play mat tiles bought at a yard sale on Friday
  • Email Natalie's birthday wish list
  • Make an August calendar for keeping track of dinners
  • There is always something to write in the baby book
  • General clean up around the house. There just seems to be a million things around the house to pick up, throw out, move, put away, etc. It also seems like if I weren't here for a week that Mike wouldn't notice them. But, I must say, that a lot of the things come from me running errands or from Natalie. Such clutter includes mail on the kitchen table, receipts, coupons, items from Mike's mom's house, library books, tissues, photographs.
  • Refilling things like tissue boxes and toilet paper.

We also have a list of things we can do outside of the house, but they are all so short, its hard to do them. Its a pain to bring Natalie into somewhere for just a few minutes just to bring her back to the car.

  • Return an item to TJ Maxx. We can get a gift while we're there as well as looking at the clothes for Natalie. Though, we just bought Natalie a bunch of clothes yesterday. We got her a coat and pant set for the snow, a shirt and pants set, a purple hoodie, and a shirt, pants, hoodie set (all for about $50 at JC Penny, which is pretty good). I feel like I shouldn't buy her anymore clothes, but at the same time, she needs clothes because we are entering a new season soon and she won't fit in anything from the early spring anymore.
  • Deposit a check at the bank - I'm considering giving this a try at the ATM, I used to do that all the time when I worked at CVS. I also could drive the drive-thru teller. I used to wonder why people did that. Thought it was kind of lazy. Now with Natalie I understand that getting her out of the car to go stand in line at the bank is a real pain in the butt which I expect will only be worse for the next year or so.
  • Go to Walmart (even though I was just there the last two days) to get a friend some items for her baby shower that will be cheaper than buying on line. I must say that I am a little impressed with the shower gift I'm putting together for her. Although it will only have a little of what she has asked for, it will be a nice basket full of things that I'm passing on to her It includes: a baby game book, a few parenting magazines, a few board books, three outifts Natalie never wore that were handed down to me, a quilt to play on the floor given to me buy the home visitor, three receiving blankets that were handed down to me, our Bumbo tray that Natalie never really liked, two binkies since Natalie never used them, three bottles that supported the diaper cake from Mike's work (for her to try in case her baby doesn't like the ones she registered for), a carton of baby Q-tips, a bottle of bath wash since we only use the night time one now, and a box of disposable wash clothes. I'm thinking of digging through Natalie's boxed up clothes for the one Swaddle Me we have that was given to us. I don't think I'd use it again since I only used it twice this time around. I plan to buy her a blue Swaddle Me and possible some other toiletries and medicine.
  • Get a package weighed at the post office. We will probably do this tomorrow though when we go to the library for story time. We've missed the last two weeks due to our trip and Natalie's doctor appointment!
  • Go to the natural food store to buy the pizza crust mix that I can eat. I hate going there with Natalie because it is such a short visit, but the store is so cramped and narrow that its hard to get around in there with her in my arms.

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