Friday, August 27, 2010

Amazing Baby Skills

Here's what Natalie has been up to recently:
  • Walking! She can walk three or four feet in distance at a time, but usually its a little shorter. She is no longer walking like a Frankenstein zombie with her arms out and falling on her target.
  • Standing. She can stand well for a minute or so. Possibly longer, but she never seems to stay still that longer. She can move her arms around, turn in a circle, and play with a toy without losing her balance.
  • Working on stooping and squatting. She can do these holding on to something.
  • Working on putting things back together. I have seen her put the one nesting cup back into another one time. I've seen her put one toy into her pot.
  • She understands that you say hi into the phone. She knows to hold the phone up to your ear. She knows her toy phone and my phone. She also does this trick with the camera and the remote.
  • Pointing to pictures in books. She sometimes points to kitty, puppy, baby, and Elmo correctly. She can clearly tell the different objects within a picture. She points to the different items in a picture.
  • Pointing at things around her. It is unclear what she is pointing at most of the time because her finger moves around, but its a start.
  • Playing peekaboo. If you start a game, she will pull the blanket off of you and start playing it herself. So cute!
  • She now claps her hands in a way that makes noise. When sees a picture of clapping, she usually claps and has clapped when she say others clapping on TV.
  • More accepting of lumps in her food.
  • Pulls Mommy's hair less, but found Mommy's glasses.
  • Often helps put on and take off her clothes by moving her arms and legs. She does the same for the car seat straps. She knows to put her arms up for me to put on the high chair tray.

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