Friday, June 25, 2010

Natalie's routine - end of month 8

So, I have been writing down Natalie's routine periodically so I can look back on it.

530 Natalie usually wakes up, sometimes goes back to sleep
between 615 -645 on a week day Natalie gets up - usually sitting or standing to greet Mike
Mike does diaper change, I come in to nurse
Nurse for about half an hour, usually does not fall back to sleep
645 Daddy says good bye
When done nursing, Natalie goes in the pack'n'play while Mommy has breakfast
Stay in pack'n'play for 30-45 minutes, depending on how long it takes before standing up fussing
8am diaper change, look at book on bed, get dressed, back to the living room to play
between 815-845 go down for nap
between 930 - 10 get up from nap, have oatmeal and Cheerios
10am Sesame St and play on floor, or morning errand, or story time on Tuesdays, or possibly a walk if PM supposed to be hot or rainy
between 11-1230 start next nursing, depends on when gets cranky and when we get home if we've been out, shorter session- 15 -20 minutes, usually does not fall asleep unless missed morning nap
12 Between the Lions and Dragon Tales while playing if home and not nursing
1pm Yo Gabba Gabba while playing
between 1-130 Lunch (usually yogurt and sweet potato puffs, sometimes fresh fruit pieces)
between 130 and 230 go down for second nap
rest of afternoon playing (sometimes with TV on, sometimes without), go on walk, or run errands. If we are going somewhere special, this would most likely be the time.
between 415-430 Dinner (4oz jar of veggies and rice rusks)
between 445 - 515 Daddy gets home, more playing usually with Nick Jr on, Daddy usually takes over as Mommy makes his lunch, starts dinner, gets bed and bath things ready, maybe straightens up house some
between 530-6 Mommy and Daddy have dinner, Natalie sits in high chair and has sweet potato puffs and sippy cup
rest of evening playing, usually more with Daddy at first
about 630 start bed time (bath Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday)
Bed time - diaper change, lotion, pjs, nurse while Daddy reads, move to crib (sometimes awake, sometimes not), kisses
7 - 730 in bed asleep

Playing =
  • chewing on small toys;
  • manipulating toys;
  • shaking and banging toys together and on surfaces;
  • crawling after Ellie kitty;
  • crawling to places to pull up;
  • pulling up and standing usually at music table or coffee table but other places too;
  • trying to get remote, phone, camera, or computer;
  • banging on computer keys;
  • trying to get and put all other household items in mouth such as remote, phone, camera, library books, bookmarks, coasters, and mugs;
  • turning pages in family book;
  • chewing on books;
  • being read to by Mommy;
  • looking at pictures in books;
  • ripping tissues and paper;
  • knocking over blocks;
  • clapping hands;
  • dancing;
  • playing at music table;
  • crawling to Mommy and crawling up her to snuggle;
  • "walking" around the house;
  • cruising in circles around the coffee table;
  • sitting on Mommy's lap;
  • "Little Red Wagon," "Macaroni," and "Pop Goes the Weasel;"
  • crawling out of room after Mommy;
  • exploring parts of other rooms (mostly knobs on drawers and cabinets);
  • Skype phone calls;
  • babbling and playing echo with Mommy;
  • peekaboo;
  • "This Little Piggy" and other tickling;
  • "Pat-a-cake" and other hand clapping games

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