Friday, June 25, 2010

An "exciting" afternoon

I was going to write last night, then suddenly was in a down mood for the evening, so I skipped it.

Yesterday was a pretty normal day until about 3. We are refinancing so I had some papers I needed to bring to the bank. I had forgotten about this for most of the day, but realized if I brought them to our nearest branch of the bank, then I wouldn't have to walk a long distance with Natalie in the rain. So, when Natalie gets up from her nap, we head out.

We are stopped at the light right at the bank. My car gave a little jolt, but I thought it was just me not paying attention to how firmly my foot was on the break. The light changes. I start to turn and ... its like the wheel doesn't want to go at all! I somehow manage to complete the turn, turn into the driveway of the bank, and park right on the line taking up two parking spots. (Hmm, come to think of this, I wonder if people thought I was a horrible driver when they saw the car there?) I know enough about cars to know that it was probably a problem with my power steering fluid, but I don't know enough to know how to check that or how big of a problem that really is.

So, of course, I call Mike. And of course, he doesn't answer. So, I call my friend, but realize as the phone is ringing that she half way to Gorham. She answers anyway and calls her fiance to come help me out. Thank God it was her fiance's day off work. While waiting, I go in the bank to take care of our business, but of course Mike calls me back while the teller is helping me and then my friend calls me back. I felt like the rudest customer ever, but I think she understood.

When I go back outside, the fiance is there and he takes a look at my car. He sees that the fluid level is fine. He says, "You weren't kidding" when he tries turning my wheel. So, he starts it up and takes another look at the engine. Then he sees it, a belt has broken. In my mind, I'm like, "Yea, its just a belt. No leaking fluids or complicated parts!" So, he pulls it out of there and we now know the problem. I call the dealership in the next town over to make sure that they can take my car. Then I call triple A to get them to tow it. After a quick run inside to tell the people in the bank that I'm leaving my car there to be towed (because its getting close to 4 when I think they close and don't want them wondering why this car is still there), the fiance drives Natalie and I home.

Yes, Natalie was with me for all of this. I had to hold her in the bank while talking on the phone and trying to make a deposit at the same time. Then, I'm holding her while the car is being looked at in the humid 80 degrees. Next, she went in her car seat and was quite happy to play with her toys and chat away at the fiance and I while I was on the phone. Natalie didn't realize that her chariot was broken and that can be stressful for adults. I must say though, that the whole thing didn't stress me out that much once my friend's fiance got there and I had a way to get home.

As we pull out of the parking lot, we see the tow truck pulling. Well, unless it is a coincidence that a tow trucker owner was going to the bank right at the moment. That was very fast service. Anyway, I now have no car. We didn't get to make our trip to Walmart to get a couple small things done (return curtains I'm not going to use, get Natalie a lift the flap or touch and feel book, drop off pictures). I have to call the dealership in couple hours to see how things are going and to make sure that they did in fact get my car. Mike's mom is coming over today for the weekend, so she might bring us over to go get the car depending on when its ready.

Well, as if this afternoon was exciting enough. My friend's fiance brings us home and leaves us on the deck after I open the door. I'm all sweaty and gross, and Natalie is all hot. I bring her in to the living and plop her down on the floor to play. I change clothes. Then I go to turn on the TV for us to just veg for a little bit and I realize ... we have no power. In the whole house! I couldn't believe it. First the car, then no power right when I really wanted to turn the AC and TV on. The dryer shut off half way through a load. Possibly no oven or mircowave for dinner. Fridge warming up slowly. Agh! It was alright because the power was back on just after Mike got home around 5, but that left Natalie and I with a rather sweaty hour to kill.

Luckily, after that, the evening passed with out incodent. Well, I guess that's not accurate. There was one notable thing, but it was a good thing. Mike brought Natalie in the pool for the first time. She wanted to come out to see me a couple times, and then he put her back in. The third time in the water, she was done and wanted to come back out immediately. Overall, it was a success!

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