Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some bullets about today (almost all about Little Miss Natalie)

There hasn't been too much going on the last couple days. Here are the high (and low) lights:
  • I read in What To Expect the First Year that Natalie "probably will be ability to" get into a sitting position by the end of month 8, which is in four days. Yeah ... that's not happening. Natalie cries on her tummy now unless she is really engaged in play or the TV. She winds up on her tummy only when she moves there from sitting. I try to have her stay there so she can work on getting up on to her knees, which she can do, but it doesn't appear to be easy. I'm sure once she gets that, sitting will soon follow, but even now when she gets on her knees, at least half of the time she falls on to her tummy rather than sitting back down on her butt. I feel like her early sitting has caused her to be behind on this. Because she sat so well, I didn't put her on her tummy enough for her to work on this skill. Anyway, it doesn't become a "should be able to do" skill until the end of month 11. Why do I let these dumbass things bother me?
  • Meanwhile, I made Natalie gag horribly tonight by doing something I deep down knew was a bad idea. I read that peas were an okay veggie to give baby if they are crushed. So, I bought some mixed frozen peas and carrots. Mike made some for himself for dinner (I'm allergic to peas, so I had leftover brocoli, which he dislikes, instead). Anyway, we put a carrot piece and a crushed pea on her try. Of course she goes for the pea. All is good for a bit. She even opened her mouth like she was going to gag, and instead made a delightful little note. A few minutes later she had her mouth way open and I could see the outside of the pea at the back of her mouth. She totally gagged, got all read, and puked up some juice. Didn't cry though. Poor baby. I'm sorry. Mommy is stupid sometimes. As I kept saying to Mike, we HAVE to start giving her real food sometime though. I keep seeing on our chart from the doctor's office all the things she can have that require chewing. How do I know she won't gag (or choke, scary, scary, scary) on them? We plan to ask the home visitor about it tomorrow.
  • Nice naps today. About a half an hour in the morning, about an hour around noon, and a little over an hour in the crib in the afternoon quickly followed by a snooze while nursing. There was also about 20 minutes of sleep in the car, but that was probably due to the car being hot or she would have made it to the other nap around noon.
  • Detagged all of Natalie's new clothes for 9 months. They are such cute summer clothes, including her bathing suit. There were three pairs of shorts and three more of those tank top oneies, each of which also came with a tee shirt to put over it. Also a pink toned set of short sleeve onesies, even though her purple tones ones that are 6 month size still fit well.
  • Lots of Natalie getting up on her knees today, especailly looking like she wanted to crawl over to me. When I sat next to her, she would kind of crawl on to me. I'm still not convinced that she is actually trying to crawl, though. She continues to put one leg out to the side at times. She is either going to "bear" crawl, or she is trying to stand up. Yet, she hasn't been doing more trying to pull up really. I think the new arrangement of the living room furniture will help with pulling up and cruising. Also, when she crawls on me, its like she is trying to grab on to me to pull herself up, but she can't figure out how to hold on to do it.
  • Even though I don't now think its just being clingy for Mommy, I have enjoyed when Natalie is grabbing at me, putting her on my lap for a few minutes for her to play. As I've said before, other than breast feeding, she isn't very snuggly, so its been nice having her on my lap. Most of the time she is too squirmy or wants to be walked if you are going to be that close to her.
  • She only did it twice back to back, but Natalie was adorable today when she put a plastic bowl on her head while playing with it. I've put the bowl on her head myself, and she promptly takes it off, which is also very cute (not yet successful captured on film), but this was so much cooler.
  • I was stuck reading some dud books there for a while. I'm really enjoying The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate at the moment though. I can see why it was up for the Newbery, and thus far I'm glad it got the Honor. I really loved When You Reach Me, so thus far, I'm not sad that it beat this one out, but I am enjoying Callie more than several other award winners I've read over the years. I'm 60 pages in and am loving the characters of Callie and Grandfather and finding the setting interesting, but I'm starting to feel the need for a larger conflict.
  • Natalie and I ventured out into the heat today to go to Walmart. Even though I returned $11 worth of supplies we didn't use for the yard sale, we still spent $76. I feel a bit bad about this. But, I must say that $5 is going back. I bought an outfit for Natalie and wasn't paying attention to the size. Also, $16 was for a toy lap top for her, since she loves playing with the keys on mine. Of course, I know that won't get her to stop grabbing at mine, but its still cool and cute and for 6 months and older. I decided that it will be a new toy for our trip to TX since I've read that its good to have new toys for that kind of thing. Also discovered from looking at the Walmart receipt that all the baby juice bottles we've gone through have been returnable! Aggravating for the money lost (5 cents each), but also the waste since ME doesn't recycle all plastics.
  • Friends stopped by briefly this evening to drop off a save the date card for their wedding in August. I am very excited for them! I was a little worried that we were going to have to not go to the wedding since it is on a local island and I thought it was going to be in the evening. But, even though its still on the island, its in the afternoon. With Natalie being 10 1/2 months old at the time of the wedding, we can easily go away for the afternoon in terms of feeding her. Whether or not her Nana will be available to baby sit or whether she will behave with both Mommy AND Daddy gone for that long (she is getting a touch of stranger anxiety) is yet to be seen. It was very nice to catch up with them as we haven't been able to get together much at all this year. I'm hoping that with summer vacation I will get to see more of my friend since she is a teacher and will have the summer off.
  • I love how blogs allow you to use multimedia. The fact that I can mention a book and then add a link to it on Goodreads is just beyond cool. And how easy it is to add pictures or video through HTML code, or to up load photographs from my camera just takes the diary lover I was as a teen to a new level. Oh the hours I would waste blogging if I were a teenager at this time. Ah, this topic reminds me that I was going to up a picture of Natalie in her cute shirt on my Relay for Life yard sale post.
  • Natalie has started to make a face that reminds me of Popeye. Maybe it is because my parents said that her arms look like Popeye because they are all chubby are the forearms, but not so much on the biceps. Anyway, she makes her jaw crewked and squints up her eyes. For the most part, I believe this is a happy face. I'm not sure what it is a sign of. Should I try feeding her spinach? If we have another girl should I name her Olive or Olivia?
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