Tuesday, May 25, 2010

extremely short post

We got an AC in Natalie's room tonight. That couple with running the one in the living room all day made for a MUCH more pleasurable day and evening for everyone. Natalie and I hung out happily in our newly arranged living room. She looked cute in her tank top onesie. Very little in the name of melt downs today. Mostly she was frustrated by getting into the crawling position and then sliding on to her tummy and getting stuck there. Nice long naps on Mommy in the AC in the living room. Grabbed the couch once as if she was going to try to pull up. Lots of laughing while she ate her blueberry yogurt for some reason.

I'm sure I could find more to say about today, but I need to kick Hazel off my lap and go downstairs to watch out Netflix movie. We had Funny People for at least two weeks before we watched it due to season finals of shows, Celtics games, and otherwise being busy in the evenings. We got the old version of The Crazies tonight and are going to actually watch it tonight. The only reason I even have time to write this is because Mike is scooping the litter box. That is one chore that I am so glad I got to pass on when I became pregnant!

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