Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kids Update!

I've been writing again for Crunchy Moms again as well as working on letters and comments for education activism, and then add to that I've been on a reading kick, so I haven't been to my regular writing much recently. 

  • Continues to learn to read.  She has about twenty sight words (a combination of ones learned in school and a from home) and sounds out simple words.  
  • Currently loves drawing pictures, especailly of her current love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo.   (Who, by the way, she gives kisses to all the time in her books!).  
  • Is using inventive spelling to write words!  So exciting!
  • Is starting to really understanding adding and subtracting within five.  
  • Is learning to count to 100 and to count by tens.  
  • Loves school!
  • Is great at hopping and was excited to learn how to play hopscotch.  
  • Can follow simple Lego directions on her own. 
  • Knows some directions for trips we take all the time, or recognizes the houses of kids on her bus route. 
  • Learning and doing lots of things at school like: fire safety, Columbus, releasing butterflies hatched from cocoons, first field trip to apple orchard.

  • Learning to cut with scissors. 
  • Currently loves dress up focusing on mostly hats and shoes.  His favorite is to wear snow boots, a tool belt, light saber sword, and cowboy hat to be Puss in Boots.  
  • Will take any action figures / animal figurines / stuffed animals and pretend they are show characters.  For example, Puss in Boots and Soft Paws, Tod and Copper (Fox and the Hound), Simba and Mufasa, Scooby Doo and Shaggy.  
  • Loves to act out scenes from tv / movies and books.  One of my favorites is acting out Should I Share My Ice Cream?
  • Loves to help.  
  • Loves playing with Natalie, but doesn't play with other kids much and only for short periods.  
  • Can get undressed alone, and mostly get dressed.  Finally starting to get his shoes on the correct feet more consistently. 
  • Continues to love animals.  Held a guinea pig in his lap on a blanket, but was too scared to pick it up and when it ran around on him.  Remembers the guinea pig from the library even though it "went to the farm" maybe a year ago now.  
  • Likes painting and gluing, but not coloring / drawing. 

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