Saturday, July 5, 2014

180 Days with William

When Natalie goes to Kindergarten, I will have 180 school days alone with William.  Its small in comparison to the 700 days Natalie had before William's birth, but I hope to make the best of our time together.

A bucket list for our year:

  1. Let William choose all the songs on the car radio.  
  2. Have conversations in the car with William.  
  3. Go out to lunch alone together.  
  4. Go to a movie alone together.  
  5. Go to the park just us.  
  6. Ride the tricycle and roller-skates down the street.  
  7. Go for walks just us.  
  8. Go to the "zoo."
  9. Get ice cream.  
  10. Have a pretend party with stuffed animals at the coffee table.  
  11. Living room dance party.  
  12. Crafts.  
  13. Take a walk in the woods and collecting things in a bucket.  
  14. Go to a new friend's house.  
  15. Play at a children's museum.  
  16. Borrow something special from the library.  
  17. Cook something special (Christmas cookies, birthday cake, etc).  
  18. Go shopping to buy surprise presents for family.  
  19. Mail a special letter at the post office.  
  20. Walk somewhere with William holding Mommy's hand on one side and Daddy's on the other.  
  21. Build a sand castle and decorate it with rocks, shells, and sticks.   
  22. Write down stories he tells with illustrations.   
  23. Use every piece of wooden train track and cover the living room floor with a giant track!
  24. Let William decide where to go go that day.  
  25. Let William decide when to leave and come home.  
  26. Try out Advocates Leap  into Learning program, maybe drop in.  
  27. Seriously consider trying out gymnastics.  

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