Friday, March 28, 2014


Went up in most areas on her report card and for all standards she is now in the range the school would like for her to start K.
Can write her name with lowercase letters without help, but gets very frustrated when it doesn't look like she wants
Can read most two digit numbers, but has trouble with the teens. Starting to learn 100s
Helps clear the table and load the dishwasher
Can alternate feet going down stairs
Loves to talk about her friends and wants to have them over
Learning the Pledge of Alligence
Listens to mommy read her chapter books every night

Can take pants, socks, and shoes off and on by himself. Can put shirt off and on with help. Can take coat off alone.
Builds representations of things like robots, space ships, and planes with legos
Can alternate feet going up stairs without a railing
Currently in a sensitive phase where he cries and says he is too sad when things don't.go his way
Loves the show Octonats
Has known all the colors for a while now
Knows a few letters and most of alphabet song
Sometimes counts to ten
Starting to.learn to wash himself in the bath and spit while brushing teeth
Other than Natalie, still plays alone or gets upset other kids are playing where he wants. Sometimes warms up to play together.
Plays pretend using characters from tv, most recently Lilo and Stitch and Walle and Eve.

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