Thursday, April 11, 2013

To Do List for Bed Change

Items to Buy:
  • Twin mattress and box spring
  • Sheets for Natalie
  • Twin mattress cover
  • Princess blanket (shop around)
  • Curtains for Natalie (shop around)
  • Wall decals
  • Tiebacks
  • Posters for Natalie (Hello Kitty, Princess) (shop around)
  • William's sheets (on line)
  • Brobee pillow?
  • Posters for William (Cars)
  • Spare pink fitted sheet for Natalie
Things to Do Before:
  • Move clothes storage out of Natalie's closet
  • Reorganize Natalie's closet to store large toys (high chair, stroller, shopping cart)
  • Move vacuum out of William's closet
  • Move toys storage out of William's closet
  • Reorganize downstairs storage to accommodate new items
  • Settle on arrangements for furniture in both rooms
  • Wash new sheets (done for Natalie)
  • Wash (and iron?) curtains
  • Start taking down posters / artwork
  • Anchor dresser and bookcase in William's room
  • Move out mattress from William's room
  • Arrange for someone to watch the kids
Day of set up:
  • Move any necessary furniture
  • Move toddler bed into William's room
  • Assemble twin frame and head board
  • Rehang video monitor
  • Mattress covers and sheets on both beds
  • Hang Natalie's curtains
  • Posters and decals
  • Any remaining details (such as arranging stuffed animals)

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