Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stuff We Love: Fisher Price Froggy Potty

I did not shop around much when buying our potty.  My cousin had pictures of her son using this potty, and she said he really liked it.  When we saw it at Big Lots around Natalie's 18 month birthday, we bought it. 

Two years later, I am so glad we did. 

Easy to empty
This is most important function for me.  We have been to visit the homes of other children with a potty.  Many of them have something like this, only in neutral colors.  That soft ring has to be removed to dump the pee.  I don't really want to touch that soft ring.  I like that I can just dump. 

Easy for kids to use
Natalie never had much trouble getting on the potty, even back when we first purchased it.  And we've never really had an aiming accident with it.  The splash guard protected us when she was learning to lean forward, and the opening is big enough to ensure a direct hit otherwise.  Also, she has had accidents away from home when the potty had a lid to lift up.  Either it falls down as she is sitting, or she forgets.  While eventually your child needs to learn to operate the lid, that is not a key lesson when you are just starting out. 

Easy to clean
Lift out the center and clean it out.  Done.  The outside of the potty has some small groves in between the frog's toes, but that is not a frequent cleaning job. 

No moving parts or sounds
In other words, nothing that can break or get lost!  Also, nothing that can get boring or annoying. 

Serves one function
There is no confusion thinking this is a toy.  Even when William started noticing the potty around 15 months, he knew it was for sitting on and emptying into the toilet. 

Gender neutral
While I understand that potty training should be exciting and fun for your child, do you really need a specific potty geared toward just one child in your family?  I'm sure Natalie would love a princess potty, but she has no complaints about any potty we use anywhere.  (We got our girliness served through the potty books we read and the undies instead of the potty itself).  Now we can use the same potty again for William.  (I feel this way about car seats, strollers, and most other baby gear; why buy something very gender specific if  you plan to have more than one child?  Talk about a waste of money!  If you must identify your child's gender, at least do it through clothing which is cheaper). 

Easy to transport
When we visit the grandparents, it is easy to bring in the car.  Though, this is probably true of all potties. 

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