Monday, March 25, 2013

Kids Update!!!

I've been neglectful of updates about the kids.  Its mostly because neither one has a lot of Earth shattering developments right now (well, besides one for Natalie).  Mostly, they are working on smaller, harder to observe skills.

  • wrote letters to make words for the first time!!!!  
  • learning to count her fingers and hold them up to show an amount.  
  • is working on talking to someone who makes her mad instead of reacting - this usually is about disagreements over toys
  • helps fold face clothes and match socks
  • has tentatively agreed to ride the school bus to school in the fall
  • Princesses and baby dolls continue to be her favorite toys
  • working toward a reward of a big girl bed (but has had many accidents lately)
  • enjoys it when she tells a story and I write it down.  She illustrates them, too. 
  • can have a real conversation on the phone. 
  • plays elaborate pretend games that go on a long time.  Her current favorites are, of course, being Momma to a baby who is sick and being a princess (sometimes a Disney one, other times one she makes up).  Other favorites include being Daisy from A Ball for Daisy, Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, a cat, birthday party, sleepover, and wedding. 
  • Wants it to get warmer for spring and summer
  • Knows the names of the stores we go to frequently.  Can identify the doctor's office when we drive by.  
  • Says everyone is her best friend.  
  • Her pickiness about food seems to be lifting just slightly.  She has recently eaten BBQ sauce, avocado, salsa, salmon, and fish sticks (twice, but then refused them twice).

  • Continues to gain new words.  Its hard to keep track of his new words since he is such a parrot.  He will repeat a word back easily, but it won't necessarily become part of his real vocabulary. New words I have noticed: tomato, broccoli, Sullivan (one his friends), drink, climb, bunny, necklace, princess.  
  • Can climb up on our bed and out of the bath tub on his own (though we don't want him climbing out of the tub).
  • Can hold on to your back during a horsey ride.  
  • Favorite things include: playdoh, rocks, crayons, cars (this is a recent interest), snow, stickers
  • Interacting more with other kids.  His favorite seems to be My My, but he also will occasionally talk about a few others.  He also plays with My My's older sister (who I would identify as Natalie's best friend). 
  • Hates being on the other side of a closed door
  • Went off without his parents for the first time! (without any crying, too!)
  • Continues to nurse once at bedtime, but is okay if Momma is not there.  
  • Can sometimes put his shoes off and on.  (Its unfair that girl's have easier shoe styles to choose from).  Can pull his shirt off over his head.  Can get his arms out of his coat.  Can often step out of his pants once they are pulled down. 
  • Starting to learn to put his coat and shoes away when we come home. 
  • Started front facing in the car (mostly to make sure his seat is correctly adjusted when he rides with others).  
  • Knows all the major body parts, and some less important ones.  
  • Sings.  Favorite song to sing is Five Little Monkeys, but he will also sing Old Mac Donald.  Back when Natalie listened to it a lot, he would sing Good Time by Owl City.  
  • "Says" the alphabet and numbers.  He knows letters when he sees them and will use the tune and names of some of the letters.  He knows counting when he hears it in a book and will say something like "2, 3, 9."  Nine seems to be his favorite.  
  • Working on learning the colors, but inconsistent. Its more my idea than his. He can say red, blue, green, and yellow. 
  • Knows who Batman is
  • Has started to pretend that pieces of his food are other things, such as cars, elephants, cows, or dinosaurs.  He makes them vroom or roar accordingly.  
  • Answers "yeah" to almost any question
  • Puts food in his mouth, chews it a little, and then spits it out to put something else in.  Maddening!  Otherwise, he is a very good, though messy, eater. 

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