Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kids Update

This one is brief.  I can't think of much to say today.  I'll add on if I think of more.

  • Some new words:  oatmeal, cereal, where are you?, Natalie (clearly pronounced), cup cake, elephant
  • Correctly identifying larger variety of animals
  • Interest in colors.  Sometimes gets blue right.  
  • Says, "Hi.  How are you?" into the phone.  
  • Growing interaction with other children, particularly his friend Miles.  He gave him a kiss and crawled (instead of walking).  
  • He's been doing this one for a while - gets a stool to reach an object, including to climb into his chair at the kitchen.  

  • official drawings of a person with legs, head, and face!
  • brushes teeth all by herself - gets the stool, gets out toothpaste, puts toothpaste on brush, sometimes spits, gets water to rinse, puts everything back
  •  Starting to navigate the media player we got her on her own.  Before she knew how to just play the music, but she is starting to listen to the story and experiment with other things as well.  
  • when we are upset with her, she asks us to smile again.

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