Monday, January 7, 2013


Haven't done this in almost a month!

  • continues to pick up lots of new words - I think we are around 70 words now
  • links a few words into two word phrases, the most recent is "open it."
  • plays pretend with food, dishes, and the kitchen set.
  • occasionally fathers a baby doll
  • loves walking around holding playdoh
  • likes moving small objects around
  • has 13 teeth, maybe 14
  • sat on the potty with no diaper for the first time. Often tells us when he has gone poop and asks for a new diaper.
  • knows his key body parts: head, hand, knees, eyes, ears, nose, pee pee, toes.  He says these as well as points to them.  
  • loves to paint and scribble for short periods of time
  • starting to form relationships with other kids
  • has started to like TV and sit in your lap to watch Yo Gabba Gabba.  
  • Favorite songs: Old MacDonald and Wheels on the Bus.  
  • Can jump vertically with both feet off the ground. 

  • some progress in painting, drawing, and coloring
  • played her first card game - go fish
  • says, I guess I'll never ______________ again often when we ask her to something she doesn't want to do.
  • continues to be picky about food and fight eating dinner
  • just graduated to a booster seat in the car!
  • currently on a break from jigsaw puzzles, and playing a lot with dolls making them act out situations
  • will get up in the night to go potty
  • follows through with our regular routines most of the time, such as knowing when its time to go to bed based on the TV show, putting her coat, shoes, and hat away when we come home, etc. 
  • very interested in wearing dresses and skirts
  • shows interest in gymnastics, dance, and cheering, though we haven't done any formal classes yet

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