Saturday, January 12, 2013

Natalie and William's First 100 Words!

Its official:  William has a 100 words!  

I decided to keep track of the first 100 for Natalie, so I did the same for William.  I'm really glad I did.  Looking back on Natalie's list gives such a picture of who she was at 18 months, and I'm sure it will for William, too, when we look back.  I'm also fascinated with looking at the words they had the same and the words they had different.  Everyone always commented on how well Natalie talked that I eventually started to realize she was ahead for her age.  But William has hit 100 words two months before Natalie did!  I'm so glad to have had talkative children (even though now it sometimes seems like Natalie is never silent) because it really helps lower frustration levels about what they need and want.

Here are the lists!  (I'll pretty them up another day)

Dada    Mama    Hi    Bye    Kitty
Cup    Yeah    What’s that?    Quack    Pull
TV    All gone    Cold    Coat    Tada
Uh oh    Hot    Sock    Whoa    Car
Baby    More    See    No    Okay
Nose    Ball    Go    Book    Night-night
Again    Kai-lan    All done    Clap    Teeth
Hat    Shoe    Icky    Play    Bowl
Beep    Hello    Hurray    Elmo    Roar
There    Sit    Boo boo    Pee    Poo
Mitten    Whee    Tap    Mine / My    Flower
See ya    Neck    Key    Snack    Eye
Knee    Bear    Moo     Baa    Neigh
Meow    Hair    Ear    Boom    Kiss
Hug    Towel    Nana    Emily    Apple
Cheese    Pillow    Stir     Oh no!    Oscar
Sun (sunglasses)    Outside    Tea (party / cup)    Pot (teapot)    Two (Three, too)
Please    Choo choo    Owl     Fly (butterfly)    Soft
Rain    Broom (car)    Ernie    Up    Frog
Boo (peekaboo)    Sticker    Abby    Ribbit    Hop

Dada    Hi    Yeah     Mumma    Kitty
Ball (10 months)    Dat? (What’s that?)    Broom (playing with a car)    Goodnight (12 months)    Button
Apple    Thank you    Nana (banana)    Bankie (Blankie)    Boo (peekaboo)
Booba / Boo boo (nurse)    Bye (13 months)    Diaper     Baby     Car
Moo    More    Open    Yogurt     Me (mimicking)
Mine    Pee pee (action and body part)    Elmo    Abby     Cookie
Nose    Sticker (15 months)    Owl    Who (owl sound)    Hat
Please     No (stopped mimicking  15.5 months)    Help    Cow    Coat
See     Whee     Down     Door    Knee
Hop     Shoe    Happy birthday    Cracker     Burp
Side (outside)    Bear     Hand     Sorry (mimicking end  16 months)    Whoa
Sock    Poo    Oh no!    Play     Go
My-my (nickname for friend Miles)    Tissue    I know (mimicking)    I see you! (following peekaboo)    Good
Eye    Pop (pop goes the weasel)    Up    Home    Beep
Moo    Hug    Sleep     Hot    Gabba
Poon (spoon / fork)    Pig    Clap    Book    Sit
Paint    Head     Take it    Yes    Uh oh
Kick    Bed    Kiss    Whoo (train whistle sound)    Block
Toast    Cheese (for a picture)    Ugmuga    Bubble     Off
Gabba (Yo Gabba Gabba)    Dinner    Ear    Tickle    Checks

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