Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kid Updates!

  • Grandpa, too, grandmomma, bread, purple, bagel, Lightening McQueen
  • Confirmed vertical jump
  • Lots of painting with a brush and scribbling with various markers and crayons
  • Starting to have tantrums, though he is more sad than angry
  • Starting to push other kids
  • Tried to play catch with Natalie and Daddy
  • Interest in mimicking me and Natalie on the potty
  • Likes routines and knows our regular ones
  • Gets jealous of Natalie when she snuggles with us, or of other babies if I hold them
  • Pretends to tickle us
  • Favorite thing to play with is playdoh, though also really likes bubbles and painting
  • For toys, he likes to move small objects around, like pom poms, little bear figures, rocks, etc.  
  • Favorite books / songs: Wheels on the Bus and Old McDonald
  • Likes fish, cow, and rock.  
  • Climbs up on the race car video game at Walmart and turns the steering wheel
  • Likes to put a baby doll to bed and feed it a bottle
  • Is weaned to just one feeding at bedtime on the majority of days.  
  • Has slept through the night the majority of days over the last couple weeks.
  • Really enjoying scribbling with oil pastels and coloring in the windows with the window crayons.  
  • Saying numbers 2-6 and some letter names.  Especially he "sings" the alphabet song in the hall next to Natalie's craft alphabet. 

  • New fun words: Amulet, nibble, magnify, divine
  • Has started to ask me what words mean
  • Noticing some math skills like 1 to 1 correspondences and counting up to 3 without pointing
  • Went in bouncy house alone (very proud of herself)
  • Making own stories as flips through a book
  • Helps at grocery store
  • Can get own juice box and get straw ready
  • Jumping from a stool
  • Horizontal jump
  • Recognizing a few words in print and interested in reading what words say.  For example, she knows the Star Wars logo and tells me what flavor cereal bars she and William have (based on the color of the word).  She also recognized the names of the TV channels we watch based on the logo. 
  • Started to create her own pretend characters.  Instead of saying she is someone we know or a TV character, she will say she is Sparkle Girl Princess.  
  • Seeing a very slight willingness to try new foods
  • Very proud of herself for taking her medicine (for a couple days)

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