Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bedtime Story 1/16/13: Playdoh

Once upon a time there was a little boy named William.  William loved playdoh.  He liked all the colors: white, blue, pink, purple, green.  He would climb over the arm of the easy chair in the living room to reach a can of playdoh on the shelf.  The, he'd bring it to his mommy to open.  When he was smaller, he liked to just hold the playdoh.  He'd carry it around the house and squish his fingers into it.  But now that he was big, he learned to use tools.  William would smoosh it with a rolling pin.  William would press it into cookie cutters.  William would stab it with a butter knife and pretend to eat it.  William also liked the snakes his mommy made.  As soon as she finished one, he handed it back to her to put back through the snake-making tool.  William could play with playdoh for hours, as long as his mommy was there to keep helping with the tricky parts. 

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