Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bedtime Story 11/26: Lunch Counting

Once upon a time there was a boy named William.  Usually, William ate lunch at home.  He sat in his red chair and wore a bib with the firetrucks or fish.  But, one day his momma brought him out to lunch at a resturant.  William sat in a new seat and was surround by his friends sitting in their highchairs.  William ate:

1 cereal bar with strawberry banana filling
2 bites of a cheese stick
3 tastes of turkey
4 crusts of a grilled cheese sandwich
5 chocolate chip Teddy Grahams
6 glups of yogurt
7 mouthfuls of applesauce
8 Goldfish crackers
9 sips of milk
10 raisins

He was very happy with his lunch, and knocked very little of it on the floor, though he did try to steal his sister's lunch more than once.  When they returned home, William snuggled with his momma then he and blankie had a nap, just like usual. 

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