Monday, October 29, 2012

More about the kids

I never stop and take a minute to really write about how the kids are right now. 

William is just at an awesome stage right now.  He is learning so much.  It seems like everyday he is so much smarter. He understands so much of what we tell him, but he also knows our routines well.  he knows about putting his shoes on to go out and to come running for dinner.  He is playing in new ways.  The last couple days he has really enjoyed his toy cars.  I rotated them into the living room.  He also enjoyed driving the car outside.  He turns the wheel and says beep beep!  Inside, he pushes the cars around while crawling and things the cars moving forward on their own is really cool.  He spent forever yesterday putting two cars down the same ramp.  He also really has been enjoying Natalie's tiny little fuzzy bears and these two owls.  Today he spent at least half an hour putting them in and out of a toy Cinderella carriage.  William is also really affectionate.  He gives hugs (especailly to Daddy when he comes home) and kisses.  He kisses on the lips, but also puts his hands up for us to kiss his palms like Natalie used to do.  He will also lean  his head in for a snuggle.  He did this twice today.  He did it when he was afraid at the dentist, and when he was snuggling to read with me at bedtime.  Reading is also another big thing right now.  He takes the same few books to us again and again to read.  He climbs in my lap sideways, or straddles me or Mike. 

Here are a few gems from Natalie:

At bedtime tonight we read two books about ice cream because we were studying the letter I.  During Should I Share My Ice Cream, she talked a lot about what kind of ice cream she likes.  She said she liked vanilla, and so did Baby Kitty.  But William likes chocolate.  I said she should ask Daddy what he likes, then they went through it all over again.  She asked what kinds of ice cream our friends like, and I said we could ask if we see them at the library.  I said we could as the story time librarian, too.  And Natalie said, but not while she's reading the stories.  When we got to the part where Gerald drops the ice cream Natalie said:  "I never do that.  I always careful and put ice cream on the beach blanket.  I drink lots of water with the ice cream because it makes it feel good.  Then I grow up to be big.  I will wear my Rapunzel dress and you'll see me on Disney Jr." 

Natalie told me a story at lunch yesterday.  I wrote it down for her. 

I Don't Like the Rain by Natalie Boyd
"Once there was a stuffed bear named Snuggle.  He had a soft blanket.  He didn't like his blanket getting wet in the rain.  There was a clean old blanket for him.  Snuggles' mommy had a raincoat.  Snuggle liked to wear the raincoat.  Snuggle went to playgroup.  The end."

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