Sunday, October 14, 2012


  • Helps put toys away after bath
  • Often points to several body parts when asked: toes, head, eyes, tummy
  • Huge interest in using a spoon
  • Likes reading little books on our laps and will choose favorites and hand them to us. 
  • Scribbles
  • Finger paints
  • Nods his head.  Shakes his head no, but often not meaning no. 
  • Responds in gibberish when we talk to him like he is really answering. 
  • New words: thank you, dinner, goodbye, boo (peekaboo), diaper, baby, Natalie, button, cracker, Cookie, Elmo, moo, apple, open, Miles (My-My like his mom calls him), food.  Some words he has said many times, but a few others just once or twice. 
  • Holds an item like a phone
  • Huge resistence to listening to no, but often follows one step directions that are routine, like coming over to get his diaper changed or standing up in the bath to be washed
  • Much better at letting us brush his teeth
  • Feds us food, both real and pretend
  • Wipes between his legs with toilet paper from watching Natalie on the potty! 
  • Pull his shirt off over his head, push his pants down and take them off!
  • Can climb up on almost any regular chair, but not couch.
  • Rubs his chest to wash. Tilts his head back and closes his eyes to have his hair rinsed. 
  • Patted his head for "one fell off and bumped his head."
  • Put a 24 piece puzzle together (with some direction) without getting frustrated once! 
  • Goes potty all on her own, including turning on the light, closing the door, and wiping. 
  • Better about remembering the rules
  • Very good at setting the table
  • Likes to help out
  • Gets in and out of the bathtub all by herself (done that for a while but I'm only thinking to write it now)
  • Pretends to write with markers
  • Very frustrated with scissors
  • Likes to climb into bed with Mommy and Daddy every morning for a while.  Usually just to snuggle for a while, but sometimes sleeps
  • Pretty much can dress and undress herself 100% if there are no zippers 
  •  Can walk the whole trip to the grocery store (over an hour!)
  • Throw a ball underhand and sometimes catch it
  • Go up and down a few steps without the railing

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