Thursday, August 2, 2012

Up Dates

  • climbing on child sized chairs.  He's working really hard on getting on to the couch.
  • pointing
  • "dat" = what's that
  • handing us objects
  • says "ahhh" so we mimic him and he can put something in our mouths
  • trying to put a puzzel piece in.  He can match a piece, but not turn it to get it in.  
  • trying to put all sorts of sizes into various sized holes
  • starting nesting cups
  • pretty sure he says something like "nale" for Natalie

  • standing on one foot
  • jumping about an inch off the ground with both feet
  • peddling a tricycle a few rotations
  • putting on her back pack
  • getting dressed and undressed completely on her own, though putting on underwear is the trickiest
  • dropping her nap some days
  • drinking from a regular cup at meals
  • had a few completely dry days a few times recently
  • every day she show me an increased understanding of things - either with her imagination, her problem solving, or her observations.  Examples escape me at the moment. 

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