Thursday, August 9, 2012

Little Man is a Little Bit More a Man, or at Least Boy

I don't often just write about what is happening around here, but I today at the library William did something that gave me pause. 

We went to baby story time and William sat in my lap most of the time.  He feels so good sitting in my lap.  I don't do that with him anywhere near as much as with Natalie.  He moves so much more than she did and also I just don't sit on the floor with him as much.  I just loved the weight of him in my lap.  Once story time was over, we went out into the library to play.  William was holding my hand at first, but soon he was ready to walk around alone.  He kept going for this set of four stairs.  William climbs stairs well, but doesn't know how to get down more than one or two and then only if he is properly positioned to crawl down backwards. 

When it was time to leave, I put William in the stroller before getting Natalie to walk to the elevator.  Then I realize, William is pointing at a book.  I can't recall if he was actually saying "dere" or just happy babbling, but he wanted a book he saw.  I tried to figure out which one it was he wanted and handed it to him.  He stopped pointing and started examining the book, so I think I got it right.  This was the first time that William has clearly expressed that he wanted something specific. 

This really has me thinking about all the amazing skills William has been trying out recently.  While walking is typically the ultimate exciting milestones, these other skills are just as exciting.  He's learned to point, wave hello and goodbye, hand or show us an object when we ask (and sometimes when we don't), and putting an object into a container totally revolutionized the way he plays.  His ability to say "there" both as a statement and a question opens a huge, huge door for communication.  He can ask me what something is now and I can tell him.  Its a real conversation!  But one of my favorites is that he  is giving kisses!  Unprompted kisses!  Yesterday, he wanted to climb up on the couch onto my lap, so I helped him out.  Then he crawled up me and gives me this huge sloppy, toothy kiss right on the mouth!  And, while the devotion to me tugs at my heart strings, he is starting to express jealousy over Natalie sitting in my lap. 

All of this boils down to one key element:  William is no longer a baby.  He is a toddler starting to express his personality, emotions, and desires in a more complex manor.  I love this.  Most of the time I still wonder what thoughts are spinning around his little head, but he is able to share more and more. 

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