Sunday, July 8, 2012

Watermelon Purse

This purse is based off of a door hanging craft I saw on Pinterest.  You can see the original here. 

What You Need (to make your's exactly like ours):
Green felt
Dark pink felt
Light pink craft foam
White card stock
Six small black buttons
One pink and one green pipe cleaner
Ten green pony beads
Two googly eyes
Black marker
Wavy line scissors (optional)
Two binder clips

What to Do:
This one required some night before prep.  I cut out all the pieces of felt, foam and paper.  My wavy scissors are cheap, so I did the waves by hand.  I cut two pieces of the dark green so that we could glue the edge to make the purse.  The pink and white were one piece each.  I made two small circles of the dark pink for the cheeks. I gathered the other items and put them in a gallon ziplock bag so we could put the purse together during a trip to Grandma's. 

When Natalie and I sat down to make the purse, we first glued all the layers of the watermelon.  I glued and she placed.  I then glued around the curved edge of the two dark green places and stuck them together to make the pocket of the purse. 

Next, I twisted the two pipe cleaners together. Natalie had told me when we were looking at a picture of the purse that she wanted both pink and green, so I decided we could do both by twisting them together.  Next, Natalie threaded on the green pony beads and I helped space them.  I glued the ends of the pipe cleaners in between the two layers of green felt to make the strap.  I realized quickly that it wasn't going to hold together on its own, so I used two paper clips to hold it in place, but if I'd been home, I would have used binder clips. 

To finish up, we glued on the beads to make the watermelon seeds and then the parts of the face.  I drew on the smile since Natalie isn't much of a drawer yet. 

Once it was done, Natalie was very excited to show it off.  My old regret was that I didn't make it big enough for Baby Kitty to fit inside. 

Coming soon

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