Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clothing Checklist for All Four Seasons

My goal is to have 14 outfits so that hypothetically my kids could wear two outfits a day and I still will make it through the week without doing laundry.  I also find that 14 allows for a good rotation.  Keep in mind that if you have family that likes to give clothes as gifts, which I do.  Currently, William has about 30 shirts, but we purchases less than ten of them.  

Usually, you have items from the season before that can be used again.  For example, t-shirts from the summer can be worn under a hoodie in the fall.  Jeans from the winter can be paired with a new tank top for an especially warm spring day. 

To get the most out of what I buy, I make sure that as many of the 14 items for top and bottom mix and match as much as possible.  I won't buy something if we don't have an item for which it corresponds.  I usually lay the clothes out on the floor in the store and see what goes together.  (Hmm, maybe if I did this in a shopping cart I wouldn't look as crazy?)

I avoid items that are only good for a short while, such as capris and one piece outfits. 

Must haves:
  • 14 tops.  A mix of t-shirts and long sleeve.  
  • 14 bottoms.  Jeans, khackis, light sweats.  For girls you can also add leggings and tights.  
  • 5 sweatshirts or sweaters.  I like hoodies and cardigans because they are easy on and off, and can be worn open if its not too cold.  I also like hoods for sudden cold and rain.  
  • 7 pairs of socks.  After no socks for several months, check for socks in new shoe sizes.  
  • Shoes.  Closed toes.
  • 14 pairs of underwear if your child is old enough.  
  • 4 pairs of pjs.  (We wear each two nights).  For fall, we do the light weight long sleeve. 
  • Rainboots.
  • Dresses for a girl.  
  • Extra shoes.  
  • Jackets.  (Sweatshirts work for us until we need the winter coats) 
  • Undershirts.  
  • Halloween shirts.
Must haves:
  • 14 tops.  Long sleeve.  Some of these might carry over from fall depending on if your child has grown.  
  • 14 bottoms.  Most of the pants could carry over from fall if your child hasn't grown.  Add in a few pairs of heavy fleece or sweatpants.  
  • 7 sweatshirts or sweaters.  Winter is when I got the pull overs, but we continue to use the ones from fall over long sleeves.  
  • 10 pairs of socks.  These should carry over as long as your child hasn't grown.  Might want to add a few pairs of extra warm socks for playing outside.  I add more because socks tend to get wet from snow melting.  Tights for girls, especailly if using skirts of dresses. 
  • 14 pairs of underwear if your child is old enough.  These should carry over from fall unless your child has outgrown them.  
  • 4 pairs of pjs.  In winter, we add a couple heavy pj sets.  
  • 1 or 2 fancy outfits for the holidays including appropriate shoes.  
  • Winter coat.  I recommend buying your coat the spring before when they are on clearance.  We also have really liked the ones with a fleece layer on the inside that comes out to be worn as a lighter jacket. 
  • Shoes.  These could carry over from fall.  
  • Boots.  These could be rain boots from fall. 
  • Hat and mittens / gloves.  Multiples if your child plays outside without you. 
  • Snow pants.
  • Several fancy outfits for the holidays.  
  • Holiday themed every day clothes.  
  • Dresses. I'll put Natalie's summer dresses over a long sleeve shirt and leggings. 

  • 14 tops.  I get all short sleeves.  
  • 14 bottoms.  Jeans and kahakis.  Skirts and leggings for girls.  
  • 5 Sweaters or sweatshirts.  Again, I like cardigans for this season.  These can be from the winter.  
  • 14 pairs of underwear, which could carry over from winter.  
  • Shoes, if your child has outgrown them.  
  •  4 pairs of pjs.  We switch back to light weight and get at least one pair with short sleeves.  
  • Fancy clothes for Easter, if you celebrate it.  Also might need these if you attend a lot of weddings.  
  • Raincoat or jacket (sweatshirts and winter coat will probably be enough). 
  • Rain boots.  

  • 14 tops.  I do a mix of tees and tanks.  Tees could carry over from spring. 
  • 14 bottoms.  I get almost all shorts (with some skirts for Natalie).  Maybe a pair or two of jeans (or leggings for Natalie) for cooler, rainy days.  The warmer stuff can carry over from spring. 
  • 3 sweaters or sweatshirts.   These can carry over from spring.  
  • Sandals or flip flops.  
  • 14 pairs of underwear, as needed.
  • 4 pairs of pjs.  We use short sleeve with pants.  If its hot, we take off the bottoms.  
  • 4 pairs of socks.  For rainy or cold days.  
  • Bathing suit.  
  • Sun hat.  
  • Summer is a good time for dresses for girls, if you are going to invest in them.  
  • One piece outfits for both genders.  
  • Multiple bathing suits.  
  • Sunglasses. 

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