Saturday, June 30, 2012

I don't often get to go anywhere with William alone, much less go anywhere fun. But today, I brought him to a Saturday story time while Mike ans Natalie did the shopping. It was really nice to just pay attention to him. Talk to him. Follow him. Show him things. We got there right on time. The big animal cushions were out and there were no kids sitting on them, so I encouraged William to climb around on them. He had a ball. When story time started, we were the only ones there, so out librarian got a couple board books and read just to William. He had skipped his morning nap and was a little tired, so he actually laid down and listened. Beyond cute. The first book had a lot of mooing in it, and afterwards William was going mmmm a lot. After two books, some older kids came, so she read some of her planned books. William seemed to like one of the pigeon books. Then he crawles out under a chair. He walked around for another half hour. We played blocks. He banged on the windows. He talked to all the librarians. He spun the wire book racks. I showed him Miss Piggy the ginea pig. Going home was very uneventful, excepting that he fell asleep in the car almost immediately.

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