Friday, June 22, 2012

Had a horrible second half of my day yesterday:

* two potty accidents
* William getting up from his nap after 45 minutes
* 80 something degrees in the house
* William refusing to leave Natalie alone
* William constantly hurting me with his finger nail, pinching, or stepping on me

It seems like William was the worst offender, but really two days of potty trouble after three weeks of success was really getting to me. I feel like I'm putting too much pressure on her, yet at the same time, I have to keep reminding her. I don't understand why after so much success she would start refusing to go. She learned to open doors last night, so the issue of peeing because I don't know she is awake has a potential solution.

I'm hoping this all just as to do with the mid 90's heat wave we're having.

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